Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BeardTalk - CoD: Everyone's The Best 3

Alright, can we serious talk about where Call of Duty has gone? Regardless of the watered-down, soulless characters, now this game wants to implement a combat system where essentially everyone can be the best? You don't ever have to worry about fatigue from sprinting to much? You can completely ignore physics and stop while mid wall-run and go back the other direction with no physical consequence? You can mantle and accurately shoot your enemy in the face?

This generation of kids are by far the worst. I say that knowing and watching my younger siblings grow up and receive trophies for just about everything. There is an in-game reward in MW3 for falling 30+ feet to your death??? Games used to be unforgiving and ruthless. Dying meant you were 2 seconds away from destroying the only controller you owned. Those days have long since past and the people at Treyarch and Infinity Ward know it.

I understand that in video games one needs to suspend reality, but there are certain elements that should stay true to form. Accuracy, the guy who is mantling a wall sideways at full speed should not have nearly the same amount of accuracy that I do as I stand still in front of him. He certainly shouldn't be able to aim down the sights as he is mantling. Fatigue, sprinting should not be endless. Exo-Suit/prosthetics/whatever, the body can't and shouldn't be able to run endlessly or without some physical consequence.

I get they need to somehow separate themselves from the "first installment" of this game, Advanced Warfare. On the surface, it looks like a blatant rip-off or sequel to CoD:AW. On a tangent, I've seen criticism of Titanfall being called a game for people who are terrible at shooters. Can this play out any differently? I mean you can jump in nearly the same fashion, wall run, the only thing missing is your giant mech to take into battle with you.

The previous titles of this game, CoD through CoD: Black Ops, I felt a sense of real-life danger and if I didn't strategically position myself for a time, I would die. Those titles required movement, but also were dictated heavily on the gun I was using and its stats along with team play. Since CoD: BO2, I've only really felt that the game was one by the fastest sprinter with the highest mouse sensitivity. The guns all feel like the same thing with different sound effects and fire rates. Call of Duty has never been a tactical game to begin with, but the earlier titles certainly felt to bring a better team element together.

I'm sure at some point I'll play this game, but you can believe that I won't pay any more than $10 for it. It will play as a mediocre expansion of CoD: AW, at best.

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