Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BeardTalk: Battle Royale Edition

More and more we are seeing Early Access games pop up on our recommended games and more often than not we are making excuses to buy them. We've seen a plethora of new Early Access games come through steam all of which share a common theme, survival. Some sort of crafting system, along with some sort of killer NPC's (zombies usually), and KOS mechanics.

DayZ SA was a huge disappointment for all parties involved. It was supposed to take an already near perfect mod and update the engine and bring us a smoother experience. Almost 3 years later, we are still waiting for a finished product.

Then came H1Z1. This game hyped us all up and whispered sweet nothings in our ear. It stole our hearts and promised us everything that DayZ wasn't and more. Sweet NOTHINGS, is exactly what we got. Just before launch they announced in-game micro-transactions. Pay $20 for a game that is not done, and we are going to continue to change you for in-game content. Granted, it is mostly cosmetic. Now, at this point I was still defending Daybreak's for their new Zombie Horror Survival game. Suddenly, a new mode was introduced. Battle Royale. Join a lobby and fight, Thunder-dome style, until all are dead. BUT NO ZOMBIES. This game, for the longest time, was marketed as the next big MMO Zombie Survival. Professions, would play a role in how and who you survived along side. There was even a chance you'd contract the virus yourself. FeelsBadMan. None of this has come true. The survival servers for H1Z1 which were once, at launch, all HIGH and MEDIUM all now sit at LOW, with a few MEDIUM.

Flash forward, ARK: Survival Evolved blows us all out of the water and arguably causes rift between real friends. In a matter of a week most people had 90+ hours in-game. What's not to love about surviving along side your very own triceratops or riding the fiercest of predators, the T-Rex, into a battle with another tribe. Nothing, until once again, Battle Royale mod, excuse me, Survival of the Fittest was introduced.

I'm not saying its a bad idea, and I understand my money was spent at a risk of the game turning into something completely different, or nothing at all, but does this give game companies free reign to do with it as they please? 

H1Z1 was supposed to be a game changer and expand to a map far greater than that of Chernaurus. Instead, 95% of the Twitch page for said game is people competing in Battle Royale's for rare crates and drops. At least do us the courtesy of changing the name of your game so it does not reflect our previous notion.

ARK does not yet have cosmetic items in it, the way that H1Z1 does, but is this the beginning of the end. Will there be more tournaments for these Battle Royale modes? As a gamer who loves survival games, I hope to god they don't. My gripes don't extend too far into ARK, because the developers have been very transparent about development. This doesn't mean that the attention to Survival of the Fittest won't be an issue.

The modding community has always done a fairly decent job at creating these on their own. Have a look at Arma 3. Its actually the same guy who later developed H1Z Battle Roya1e, PlayerUnkown. This does not mean, that the companies should have anything to do with it. Allow modding, and complete the core game for people to change as they see fit. That is why sandbox games like Arma and even Minecraft are so successful.

One should not simply make another battle royale mode....

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