Monday, July 7, 2014

Counter Strike Addiction

For those who have had a PC at any point in the last 10 years and played games on it know what this is. For those who have been deprived, Counter Strike is arguably the most popular FPS game of all time. Think Call of Duty meets chess. Very strategic and very team orientated. It isn't a game where you base what your Kill to Death ratio is. It's if your team actually won. You can bring in some money for yourself if you play this too but thats for later.

Check out these two videos. First is a Highlight from Dreamhack. Dreamhack is a giant gaming festival in Sweeden where the top players of the world come and play everything from CS to Dota 2. 2009 had 200,000 people show up. 

The 2nd video is from a stream i did last night where Kid goes HAM on the other squad. The game is only $15 on Steam. If you're interested in playing, hit me up on twitter and we'll handle it. Enjoy. 

Watch live video from Basedlarock on TwitchTV

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