Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Comic Book Wednesdays Revisited.

A year ago, i started up this thing called Comic Book Wednesday. It was to pretty much catch folks up on some amazing stories within comic books. I think now is a great time to bring that back, especially that now, we are damn near surrounded by comic books and comic book movies. There are the original CBW posts. 

Comic Book Wednesday Part 1 - Avengers Disassembled

This was the Road to House of M. This is a great introduction to comic books if you're new and a great re-introduction if you've been out of the loop. 

Comic Book Wednesday Part 2 - House of M

In my opinion, one of the best story lines in the last 10 years from marvel. Something that any comic book fan will find interesting and amazing. 

Comic Book Wednesday Part 3 - Planet Hulk

There isn't much i can say to describe this other than it is in my top 5 comic story arcs of all time. Just understand that this is pure unadulterated CRACK. 

All in all - Tomorrow i will be bringing back Comic Book Wednesday. Picking up where i left off. I'm just putting you guys on to the main story lines/arcs. If you want to read the extra detailed stuff, let me know.

 Be ready. Catch Up. And enjoy. 

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