Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Comic Book Wednesday: Civil War

This is what set Marvel off. A lot of old comic fans came back just to see about this. To see a lot of their favorite heroes go toe to toe but behind a cause. The funny thing is that there were fans to both sides. Let me explain....

So, at the time Marvel was mirroring off of what was popular in real life. During this time, it was the 'Reality Show Era'. Essentially a show similar to cops but with mutants were to apprehend this one 'small time' villain. Little did they know he had the power to explode himself. Long story short he ran into a school, killed all the kids and America was outraged. Nick Fury went into hiding (because other shit was going down) Tony Stark became the head of shield and put into place 'The Initiative'. All mutants, super heroes, villains and in between had to register their powers or face the consequences.

Well because Captain America is a G of epic levels, he was like 'Nah cuz this here be America and i aint with all that Nazi shit' and Tony Stark was like 'Nah blood, you better get with it. Get down or lay down' (im paraphrasing muhfuggas) And shit hit the fan. It was a royal rumble. Spiderman did what Spiderman does best and became somebodies bitch, Thor got pissed off, Iron Man was acting on some Cyclopes levels of hoe-ness and Hulk was in outer space fighting in a gladiator pit. REMINDER: All this wouldn't have gone down if Hulk was on earth. Anyways....

After the smoke cleared, there were TWO avengers groups "New Avengers" and "Avengers: Initiative" afterwards, a few marvel characters on the run and all the while....HE WHO IS THE WORLD BREAKER IS COMING BACK TO EARTH!!!!  There is so much detail with this story arc that i wouldn't want to spoil too much and i am not giving this enough justice. PLEASE for the love of god get your hands on this masterpiece and legendary moment in Marvel History. 

Next time on Comic Book Wednesdays....The Greatest Story in Marvel History in my opinion


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