Monday, June 2, 2014

Ok Ok Ok.....

Ok. Lets just act like that other FKSC didn't exist. Yea i know, it was cleaner looking and all that. But lets be real. This original version looking like shit adds to it. Plus, its easier to load blah blah blah...Look man. This FKSC is my blog. So im just gonna treat it as such. 

Am i going to stop blogging? 

What am i going to do? Continue the ignorance. Don't come here for sound information. Don't come here for kiss ass reviews of sneakers or other bullshit. This is the epicenter of Ignorance and all things Fat Kid. Comics. Kicks. Video Games. Nerd Shit. 

Thank you to all who've supported even when i didn't update this site. I appreciate y'all. 

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