Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 3 Rap Releases of 2013

Shady Nate - Mobb Marley II 

100% West Oakland shit. This whole album gives you what Oakland and the bay area in general is offering. This is a evolution of an artist that needs to be payed attention to. Peep 'Callin My Phone', 'International Lunch Ins' and 'Heads Will Roll'. Easily Number III on best Rap releases of 2013.  

Action Bronson - Blue Chips 2

From start to finish bam bam goes in. Dude is too creative. There are always comparisons to Ghostface Killa with AB. Thats not fair to AB, Ghostfast and the whole New York wave. Action hands down is the best lyricist coming from NY right now and he is carrying that torch.Check out 'Concerns Me' , 'Contemporary Man', 'Through The Eyes of a G' and 'In The City'. Keep an eye for in my eyes is the best from New York right now. 

Download Blue Chips 2 here

Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw

Flawless. The best tape of 2013 without a question. From beats, to lyrics to delivery its all here. Nip put Adams to Imperial, scratch that. Nip put the whole LA on his back and ran with this tape here. I can list which tracks to look out for but there is one that shines through that in 10 years i will most likely still be playing. 'The Weather' feat. Rick Ross and Cuzzy Capone. In my opinion has to be the best song (with meaning) i've heard all year. Take some time and download this. Put in on ya itunes, burn it, whatever you need to do, get in your car and ride out. Period. 

Download Crenshaw here 

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