Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sav Noir


A few weeks back I got the opportunity to get my fat kid mafia on with the homie sav noir himself. I can write a novel on the information that was gifted to me from the homie, but i'll save ya'll the wall of text. What I will say is, take a look into this world. Take everything from it, religion, politics, love, art...everything. Now try to tell that image in story form on a piece of clothing. Scratch that. It's more than clothing. Everything is cut and sew. Every piece is methodically selected to add a element to the quality of the storyboard. Add a middle finger to that and you have Sav Noir.  

Peep Sav Noir's interview with the source here.
Peep the IG here
And most importantly, head over to their site here and grab what you can. 
Trust me. 

This is the wave. 


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