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Sav Noir


A few weeks back I got the opportunity to get my fat kid mafia on with the homie sav noir himself. I can write a novel on the information that was gifted to me from the homie, but i'll save ya'll the wall of text. What I will say is, take a look into this world. Take everything from it, religion, politics, love, art...everything. Now try to tell that image in story form on a piece of clothing. Scratch that. It's more than clothing. Everything is cut and sew. Every piece is methodically selected to add a element to the quality of the storyboard. Add a middle finger to that and you have Sav Noir.  

Peep Sav Noir's interview with the source here.
Peep the IG here
And most importantly, head over to their site here and grab what you can. 
Trust me. 

This is the wave. 


Friday, January 24, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Fast & Furious Franchise.

Whats going on y'all, Happy New year? It's been a very very long time since my last post on here. Alot has happened in this period of time as well. As you all know I don't like rushing these because they're usually long and I want em done correctly, but I digress. 

   As many of you know Paul walker was one of my favorite actors and The F&F series is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time. I'm an early 90's kid so I grew up in that era of turbo charged supras and ricers and people street racing. At the time I didn't have too much knowledge of what was going on but as I"ve gotten older cars,car makers, and the people who modify and drive them have become a huge part of my life over the last year. Paul walker on and off screen was a car enthusiast which is why his death impacted not just family and friends, but car enthusiasts. He & the person who was driving the car, whos name is often forgotten was Rodger Rodas. The 2 owned and operated a car shop called "AE performance" which stood for "Always Evolving" and they both had an extensive car collection at their warehouse which can be seen below. 

This also got me back into the entire franchise of Fast & The Furious. Re watching all of the old movies
to the most recent movie Fast 6 and I've gotta say the more I watch the series I pick up on things I didn't see before. If you're curious about the series and haven't seen it or if you are wondering exactly what order to watch the movies in go by this order. 

   Watching everything over again I picked up on something that one of the characters said in fast 6 that I 
hadn't though of before. 

"Street kid starts out stealing DVD Players in East LA, Ends up heisting 100 Million dollars in Rio, It's a good story isn't it? Almost inspiring" 

   That ONE line basically set the tone for the entire series up to that point. The ENTIRE series has been steeped in crime & drama. People forget that all of the movies are centered around crime and not around cars. Or rather the main story is about crime and the cars are a sub story or a small part of it. The cars are just tools. They're not like main characters, but we also know the characters by what they drive. Especially Dom & Brian. Dom is always driving a Dodge usually charger or challenger. 

   Getting back to the Quote from Owen Shaw, The first F&F movie was about Dom & his original crew stealing a a million worth of DVD players, and Brian was a Cop who was undercover to infiltrate and find out who was doing it, but he fell in love with Dom's sister. The undertone was illegal street racing with Dom and his crew participated and is actually how Brian got in with Dom's crew in the first place. 

   In the second installment of the series Brian is recruited by the FBI to take down a drug dealer who smuggles drug money, with his life long friend Roman Pierce who were both juvie buddies. 

   Fast & Furious was the 4th (Chronologically 3rd) in the series and involves where we left off with 2 Fast where brian is back as an FBI agent & trying to take down a Drug cartel that uses street racers to smuggle cocaine back and forth across the border. 

Fast 5 picks up right where 4 left off and now the crew is stealing cars off of trains that belong to a powerful businessman and drug dealer, Fast 6 has the team going after soldiers who are from the SAS Mobility Unit who are hijacking parts for a type of EMP device. 

   Every movie has crime and is based on crime, and people forget that because of the cars. When people actually step back and look at the store you see an undertone of Love,Crime,Family and Anti-Heroes. People say the story isn't good, or that its trash and corny but you have to take it at face value. Or you can do as I've done and looked at it in a different perspective. 

"The last scene we filmed together…

There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared… in the film we were now completing… the magic captured… and, in just how far we've come… 

Fast and Furious 7 will be released…

April 10th 2015!

P.s. He'd want you to know first…" - Vin

RIP Paul Walker.

That's all for now. I'll hit yall with more soon. Be easy.

-Saze "Tomb"

E-Merica 'MADE'

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dark Souls II Curse Trailer

ya'll ain't about that life. 

Sample of the day 1/14/14

One of the best songs the wave god ever put out. For a minute i thought it was a marvin gaye sample from Trouble Man, but i was wrong as hell. Max finnessed the hell outta this right here. I still don't know who produced this. It sounds like something Don Bishop Agallah would have done but who knows. 

Now if you are somebody aspiring to create a music catalog for your career, i would suggest checking out the entire library of these cats here. Untapped and there are a lot of cuts you can use from them. Other than that, they make some pretty good music for a time that they were lowkey over shadowed by bigger motown artists. Don't sleep. 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trae Tha Truth - Swang ft. Michael Jackson, Pimp C, HAWK, Fat Pat (Tosin RMX)

I'm a screwhead for life. 

RIP Chad Butler 
RIP John Hawkins
RIP Patrick Hawkins
RIP Michael Jackson


Simpsons tribute to Miyazaki

Huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki. Really dope to see The Simpsons pay homage. 
If you don't know who Hayao Miyazaki is, please do yourself a favor. 
Peep 'Spirited Away' or 'Castle in the Sky' 


GRAM$ - Welcome to the Block

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Nissan GTR Documentary


Dead Snow: Red vs Dead

Top 3 best Zombie films ever made has a sequel dropping. 
I suggest you get on Netflix or Quanflix and watch the first 'Dead Snow' ASAP. 
It is WILD bloody and full of gore like you would want from Zombie film. 
This shit looks like pure FIRE. 

Creepiest commercial of all times.

Way too weird of a commercial for me to handle. 
Kill it.
Kill it with fire. 

Street Ballin' - Soccer Edition

Dude went Ham. 
And yes. I called it soccer. 
I live in America. 
I'd call it Football but im not a communist. 


Sneaker Mafia

A good friend of mine The Don Drew started up his sneaker channel finally. He is doing weekly sneaker sit downs with some interesting and informative guests. First week he had  Sneakersensei discussing a range of topics. If you want something refreshing and positive with these kicks to watch, I would definitely peep.

Check his channel and subscribe here

Sample of the Day 1/6/13

Nipsey Hussle - Keys to the City

Off the classic tape 'The Marathon' hands down my favorite song off the whole tape. The sample is prevelent throughout the whole song. I thought it was a Gladys Knight and the Pips sample for some reason. 

The Dynamic Superiors - Happy Song

Back in the day they had some extra wavy band names. 4:38 is a epic part of the song. They sampled a dope part of the song. A lot of the song itself has potential to have some ill ass cuts. Just another old school song to enjoy. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Juicemanji's Top 10 Pickups of 2013 (That dropped in 2013)

2013 was a great year for sneakers, at least from a release standpoint. So many great drops and I was lucky enough to get almost everything I was after. Hope everyone got the kicks they were after in 2013 and I wish y'all continued flourish in 2014.

10. Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolor

9. Ronnie Fieg x Asics GL V "Volcano"

8. Nike Zoom Flight Glove

7. Atmos x Nike Air Max 90 "Duck Camo"

6. Ronnie Fieg x Asics GL III "ECP/Knicks"

5. LeBron 11 "King's Pride"

4. Atmos x Nike Air Max 90 "Tiger Camo"

3. LeBron X Cork 
Skip to 7 min mark of vid to see Corks

2. Kobe 8 "Mambacurial"

1. Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 SP "US Open"

I'll be making a vid of my top 13 of 2013 which I will post once it's finished. Thanks for fucking with us over here at Fat Kid Social Club. Hit me up on twitter (@Juicemanji) and let me know what were your top pickups in 2013. Peace.


Top 10 Pick Ups of 2013


Red Firecracker Nike SB lows


Lunar Air Max 90 Infrared


 Mia x Nike SB 


Pushead Nike SBs


Liberty SBs


Brooklyn Projects x Nike SB 


De La Soul High SBs


Digital Floral Janoski SBs


Jordan 1 Royals


Civilist x Nike SB 

Top 3 Rap Releases of 2013

Shady Nate - Mobb Marley II 

100% West Oakland shit. This whole album gives you what Oakland and the bay area in general is offering. This is a evolution of an artist that needs to be payed attention to. Peep 'Callin My Phone', 'International Lunch Ins' and 'Heads Will Roll'. Easily Number III on best Rap releases of 2013.  

Action Bronson - Blue Chips 2

From start to finish bam bam goes in. Dude is too creative. There are always comparisons to Ghostface Killa with AB. Thats not fair to AB, Ghostfast and the whole New York wave. Action hands down is the best lyricist coming from NY right now and he is carrying that torch.Check out 'Concerns Me' , 'Contemporary Man', 'Through The Eyes of a G' and 'In The City'. Keep an eye for in my eyes is the best from New York right now. 

Download Blue Chips 2 here

Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw

Flawless. The best tape of 2013 without a question. From beats, to lyrics to delivery its all here. Nip put Adams to Imperial, scratch that. Nip put the whole LA on his back and ran with this tape here. I can list which tracks to look out for but there is one that shines through that in 10 years i will most likely still be playing. 'The Weather' feat. Rick Ross and Cuzzy Capone. In my opinion has to be the best song (with meaning) i've heard all year. Take some time and download this. Put in on ya itunes, burn it, whatever you need to do, get in your car and ride out. Period. 

Download Crenshaw here 

This how we starting 2014?

Thumbs down.