Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nate - C.O.T.C. Video

Going into the New Year with something i've been looking forward to for a minute.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Fat Kid Mafia

January 2014 

Worst Moshpit of All Time

Theres too much to point out here. 
I'll let ya'll have this one.
I'm currently having chest pains from laughing.


Based Bowls can get you far....

Based Knows




Throw in the towel.

So we just gonna put our entire shoe collection in the middle of the street? 
Look at dude trying to make a 23 but instead made it into a 28
Can't even count. 
Rent late, Lights about to be cut off...
The whole neighborhood embarrassed. 
Look at dude in the bottom right like... 

It was on 10/03/2006 the term Hypebeast was created


Grandpa Styled on everybody

While folks was freezing in the cold for them Taxis...
While folks were getting into fights in line for them Taxis....
While folks was breaking out of jail for them Taxis.....

Grandpa Came through to let ya'll know who still runs shit around these parts. 

This had to be the Bay Area. HAD to. 
The whole fit killed us. Hello Kitty Swag bag on a million


props to @Mee_Guel

Friday, December 13, 2013

House of Cards: Season 2

If you haven't seen the first, i suggest getting ahold of QuanFlix and checking it out.