Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sample of the Day 11/21/13

This week is something a little more current. We all know Kanye been sampling forever. Regardless of how you feel about him personally, his taste in music is raw. I can't speak for most of his newer content, but i will say, when he wants to, he goes back to what drew us to his music in the first place. 

Ignore the video. I the song itself, one of the few dope songs on Yeezus. Sample done well, soulful and everything we were waiting for Kanye to put out. Still showing his growth and evolution as a artist and producer. its all there. 

The sample. Almost Three minutes of pure firewater. This shit here is only allowed to be played after sundown and at loud levels. Some older music doesn't sound good when played loudly, but this one sounds great and its one of those songs you can get lost in. Sad its such a short song. 

Just my opinions tho. Enjoy


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