Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sample of the Day. 11/13/13

You all should know i am a lover of all music. One thing i love to do is, when i hear a hip-hop song i think is dope i automatically look for the sample. You would be extremely surprised what kind of path that a sample can take you on. New genres. New Bands you've never heard of. Hope you enjoy this new little feature for the site. Based

So Bam Bam Bronsilinio dropped this fire ass tape named Blue Chips 2 where you can download here. Off that tape one of my favorite songs would be 'It Concerns Me'. Dude just acts a ape on there. Listen for yourself. 

The sample is righteous as hell. Well, thanks to youtube comment digging and confirmation from '' the sample was found. It was on a soundtrack of an Italian movie that consists of 5 short stories (clint eastwood is in it) check it out. 

Pretty dope. Hope ya'll enjoyed. - Based

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