Friday, November 29, 2013



Man... What...

Jesus christ. The levels. The pure levels to this fuckery. Baby was 3 days old. JUST came home. What does the mother do? Put it in a mother fucking NIKE shoe box. The kid is gonna look back at this picture in 13 or 14 years when its in therapy and pinpoint the day that it was determined that the kid won't make it far. I would fight my parents if they did some extra corny shit like this. Lets just ignore the fact that the broad MADE A TWITTER ACCOUNT JUST TO POST IT TO NIKE. I wont even link the twitter name. 

Today is the day that shit just got brought to a whole new level.

Then this happened. 

Lets ignore that his hand is blacker than the shoe itself.

I should have known this bullshit was coming.

I hate everything today. Im out 


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