Saturday, October 19, 2013

This what we on?

I know i can go in on this young dude...The jokes that can come from this picture. But...Look at the confusion on his face. He's not even sure about what he's rocking. Every indicator of him being a hype beast is shown. Everything thats been shoved in his face to be COOL is making him look like a idiot. This is a hypebeast in it's final form. Pyrex. Black elite socks. Team Roshe. Jeremy Scott. Beads from Karmaloop. But instead of me going in on the young lost homie, can we try and make a conscious effort to not ridicule these lost soles(see what i did there for you sneaker head ass niggas...Soles...Souls.) but instead, try to show them a better way? I know 90% of sneaker heads can't dress for shit, the Grapes proved that shit. This is what happens when a young dude in the game has no guidance. Think of this young dude as a fatherless child. 

Think of the sneaker community as a village. But in this village there are many idiots we must raise. Or this is what you will commonly see at conventions, sneaker events, shoe releases ect... And it makes anybody who rocks a pair of Nikes look bad in the long run. 

Just sayin...

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