Monday, October 21, 2013

NFL Sunday Highlights 10/21

I would have waited until the Giants vs Vikings game, but lets be honest. Nobody cares about that game.

Alex Smith showing he is the best at faking out...everybody. Oh and KC Chiefs are 7-0. 

81 Yard Run by Devin Hester. This is also the Highlight of the Bears entire season. 

Megatron showing that triple coverage means nothing when your stats on Madden is 99. 

Brady throwing a tantrum is always highlight worthy. 

Harbaugh mad about...Anything. 

Bouldin. One handed Catch.
Niners get two highlights. Why? 

Pat McAfee (a KICKER) CLOWNS Trindon Holliday 

Super Bowl ELITE Flacco 120 Million Dollar man...
(there were no highlights for the super bowl champions this week)

That's about it. If i didn't highlight your team its probably because 

1. Your team is trash. 
2. Your team is the NY Giants
3. Because Tony Romo had no highlights. Ever. 

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tomaCabron said...

I fucks with this highlight jump off you got going son. keep em coming. GO GMEN!