Tuesday, October 29, 2013

X-Men. Days of Future Past

Bishop? Check. 
Warpath? Check. 
Blink? Check
Sunspot? Check. 
Obscure mutants that 96% of people have no idea who they are? Check. 

I'm fuxin with it. 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Space Dandy

Directed by the same dude who put out Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. 
Think Cowboy Bebop meets disco and lots of bresteseses. 
Oh...And its going to be released in America first before Japan. 

Jan. Adult Swim. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I always dig stuff like this. Mostly because you'll never catch my fat ass on a bike doing bunny hops but this dude doing a backflip over a canyon? Bruh. Too dope. Way too damn dope. 

Captain America - Winter Soldier


Monday, October 21, 2013


I love me some snow white titties

Sneaker St.





What The MVP

Big shouts to the homies over at Sneaker St. for sending over these dope Galaxy S3 cases. I been getting on dude for a minute about making some for the S3. They're quality cases and they don't feel cheap. They also have dope Iphone cases as well. Check them out. Good prices. Great people. 

NFL Sunday Highlights 10/21

I would have waited until the Giants vs Vikings game, but lets be honest. Nobody cares about that game.

Alex Smith showing he is the best at faking out...everybody. Oh and KC Chiefs are 7-0. 

81 Yard Run by Devin Hester. This is also the Highlight of the Bears entire season. 

Megatron showing that triple coverage means nothing when your stats on Madden is 99. 

Brady throwing a tantrum is always highlight worthy. 

Harbaugh mad about...Anything. 

Bouldin. One handed Catch.
Niners get two highlights. Why? 

Pat McAfee (a KICKER) CLOWNS Trindon Holliday 

Super Bowl ELITE Flacco 120 Million Dollar man...
(there were no highlights for the super bowl champions this week)

That's about it. If i didn't highlight your team its probably because 

1. Your team is trash. 
2. Your team is the NY Giants
3. Because Tony Romo had no highlights. Ever. 

PS4 For Gamers.

This is a dope video that Sony made. Hit all the nostalgic games from ps1 to dope current gen games on the ps3. But for the life of me, i can't get excited now for the PS4. Every launch title i wanted to pick up has been pushed back. Watch Dogs? Pushed back. Destiny? Pushed back. Race Club? Pushed back.

Of course there is your sports games, Assassin's creed and a few others but those will all be discounted by February. I'm just blown about this whole launch now. This is the first launch i can remember, that i'm not excited for. 


Ghetto 4 Life

Batman Origins - 17 Minute Gameplay.

GTA Mythbusters 5

Saturday, October 19, 2013

This what we on?

I know i can go in on this young dude...The jokes that can come from this picture. But...Look at the confusion on his face. He's not even sure about what he's rocking. Every indicator of him being a hype beast is shown. Everything thats been shoved in his face to be COOL is making him look like a idiot. This is a hypebeast in it's final form. Pyrex. Black elite socks. Team Roshe. Jeremy Scott. Beads from Karmaloop. But instead of me going in on the young lost homie, can we try and make a conscious effort to not ridicule these lost soles(see what i did there for you sneaker head ass niggas...Soles...Souls.) but instead, try to show them a better way? I know 90% of sneaker heads can't dress for shit, the Grapes proved that shit. This is what happens when a young dude in the game has no guidance. Think of this young dude as a fatherless child. 

Think of the sneaker community as a village. But in this village there are many idiots we must raise. Or this is what you will commonly see at conventions, sneaker events, shoe releases ect... And it makes anybody who rocks a pair of Nikes look bad in the long run. 

Just sayin...

Monday, October 14, 2013

GTA V Mythbusters Episode 4


$100 Shoelaces?

The jig is up. 
You dudes are out here causing confusion and chaos.
The whole game is fucked up.
Which game? 
Shoe game. Sock game. Mercer Pants game. Shoelace game.

Ya'll got the nuts to come up with the price of $100 for some shoe laces? 
Nah homie. 
Nobody checkin for ya laces like that. 
Who paying this too? 
I got some half used napkins for sale for $50 
Dudes aint practical for shit. 
100 for some goddamn laces
i'll slap you in the MOUTH.


Monday, October 7, 2013