Sunday, August 25, 2013

Validity Sneakers Glow In The Dark Sneaker Paint is an online sneaker store. Today there are thousands upon thousands of sorry ass sneaker resellers and other independent online shops all selling the same shit. Validity Sneakers stands out from the rest by offering great pricing, great customer service via twitter, as well as their own original product. Validity Sneakers makes and sells their own glow in the dark and 3M reflective paints, formulated specifically for sneaker customization. I recently got some of their glow paint and I made a video review of my experience with the product:

I highly recommend doing any kind of business with the folks over at The shipping was quick, service great, and most importantly this paint is fucking nuts. I plan to work on a couple more shoes today and I'll be uploading a vid or two of the results in the future. 

Thanks for reading/watching this and don't forget to go peep


- @Juicemanji

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