Saturday, August 24, 2013

Caught up with this sneaker bullshit

Let me say before i start rambling that i never claimed to be a good influence or an influence at all. I never wanted to attempt to fix things within this sneaker 'community' or anything. I just wanted to have fun and share interest with this hobby with others. Lately I've been taking care of family issues. During this time I took a step back and did one of those evaluations that people do from time to time. I've realized a few things about this sneaker culture and about myself as well.

First thing I've noticed that I contribute more negative than positive. For the last few months I've been very vocal about what i dislike. Behaviors and so on. I think i have shed more light on negative actions within this sneaker shit than i should have. For that i need to change. Not saying I should be less vocal, but certain things don't deserve attention. Only because it can spread that bullshit to others who are coming up trying to hip themselves to this sneaker shit And by that, I am mostly speaking about those who showoff their sneakers for attention and props rather than the love of the sneaker and giving legit information about the kicks. So now, rather than call folks out on this bullshit that has been going on, i'm just going to ignore it. 

I've got to know some dope folks, seen some funny shit, been entertained and most of all learned a shit ton about this culture. But for the last few months, it's been so hard to be inspired to continue with these kicks and create quality and entertaining posts for ya'll. I got so caught up in the bullshit that i seriously overlooked so much dope things going down. I even stopped with making my terrible quality videos because i didn't want to get put into the growing category of youtube sneaker dudes making videos just for views and likes. I didn't want to be that. 

I want to get more back into showing the dope aspects of kicks and those who still appreciate the hobby it self. The crazy shit about this is, this sneaker shit isn't even my main hobby. Regardless, i think the culture is dope and I have respect for those who educated me and put me on, therefore i want to give back rather than take away. I feel that there are still dope individuals within this hobby. And please understand, this is just a HOBBY. This is not life. It should never be more than just kicks for ya'll. I cannot stress that enough. I see so many people put so much into this, sacrificing time with loved ones, spending money that they don't have and put themselves out there just to embarrass themselves and not get what they put in returned. 

When i originally created this blog it was for 10 of my friends i knew on facebook to get music, what kicks i was looking forward to and post some dumb videos from time to time. I never once thought that it would grow the way it has. This has become some people's home pages. I never thought that Fat Kid Mafia would ever start up and most of all, never thought that people would appreciate my opinions that i share from here to my twitter. I really ain't shit but a fat dude who just wants to eat good and play video games and i appreciate anybody who has ever been on this site. 

So in short...lets get back to the fun shit. Food. Video Games. Sneakers. Dumb shit. Thank you AGAIN to ANYBODY whoever peeped this site and fucked with me. 

Also, shouts to Saze and Juicemanji for also contributing to this site. They are extremely dope individuals. Ya'll shouldn't sleep on what they have to say. For real. 

Sorry for the large wall of text. but just had to ramble.... 

Fuck Taco Bell.


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