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Why The Dark Knight Rises Was Trash

Yeahhhhh that's right I'm bout to shit ALL over your batman movie. Now please bear with me, this isn't a review this is me stating plain facts and basic common sense. Matter of fact its so simple I can unravel Nolan's batman with a few well worded sentences and some cool ass pictures but lets go ahead and let the games begin...

Bruce Wayne (The Batman)

   Bruce wayne in Christopher Nolan's Universe was good...BUT it was not good as a BATMAN Movie and here is why. If you don't already know the story of batman, He and his mother and father were leaving an opera when he was around the age or 9-10, While they were leaving they decided to take a route through an area called crime ally (What a stupid ass move). While they were walking a robber approached the Thomas Martha and Bruce Wayne with a gun, in different interpretations of the story Thomas Wayne tried to wrestle the gun from the assailant and was shot and killed, then Martha ran to her husbands side when the robber shot her as well. All of this unfolded in front of a young Bruce who was left traumatized by the whole ordeal. This is what sparked the ideal or symbol of the Batman. Bruce saw his family taken from him before his very eyes and he was so scarred by this that he dedicated his entire life to ridding the city of Gotham of crime entirely. He spend almost 10-15 years studying abroad at colleges like camrbirdge, and perfecting his mind and body to fully become the batman and to be a fully realized man as well. He has perfected numerous sciences such as chemistry,Criminology,Gymnastics ect and is also a master of 5-10 martial arts. He devoted a quarter of his life to saving his city from crime. His resolve was so strong he spent years to train his body to endure the struggles to come. 

Yet Christopher Nolan decided to throw this all away in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises? By what, introducing a love interest? "A Life beyond the mask" This man devoted his life to saving his city and making sure his city never had to endure what he had to endure, Yet Bale's batman spent 8+ years (Time gap between TDK & TDKR) trying to escape the mask. This is a direct deviation from batman's nature, Wayne s life as the batman was border lining on obsession, even donning the mask and cape when he was old and dying. which is point 1 as to why it wasn't a good batman movie. 

Bane (The masked man, The Mercenary)

Now before I poke holes in the story I would like to say that Tom Hardy's interpretation of bane was flawless. Hardy did an excellent job or portraying bane as a sort of Highly intelligent animal which in fact bane is. Now lets get to the meat and bones of my argument. 

    Nolan's adaptation of a modern Bane was done very well in my opinion. I think that Nolans Bane was one of the best characters and one of the most quotable well liked villains of all time. Bane was one of Batman's toughest opponents to fight not only on a physical level but on a mental level as well. Bane was not only muscular as a comic character but in the movie as well which Nolan got correct. Also his explanation of the mask was done quite well. In the comics bane was using his mask to inject a super stimulant called venom directly into his blood stream which would give him super-human strength,agility, and endurance. In the movie it was adapted so that it would serve as medication and that the mask held back the pain of an unseen facial wound that bane suffered while in the pit. Also the sheer size of bane was done well by certain camera angles and the way hardy embodied him in his walk and his movements, Bane was also highly intelligent, intelligent enough to compete with the batman on an intellectual level and over power him on a physical level.

Here is where my issues come in. Bane was a KEY villain in batman's tenure. He went up against the bat multiple times, on one occasion bane broke batman's back. "I was wondering what would beak first...your spirit? Or your body" Add to the mix that bane was a genius and you have a deadly combination of both physical and mental. In Nolan's batman Bane was reduced from this massive gorilla like opponent to a mere pawn in a scheme by none other than Talia Al Ghul. Bane shouldn't have been killed in such a manner by being shot with a cannon when he spent most of the movie as a front man and a hype man for little Talia. How do you take such a polarizing and frightening entity such as bane and reduce him to a pawn? By a woman seeking to fulfill her fathers wishes? On most occasions I forget that bane is human and that he can actually be hurt. At all I understand Nolan's wanted to add an element of realism to this movie to make it seem like it is possible that events that took place in the movie can be done in reality but you don't have someone like bane introduced as king only to have him really be a pawn. 

Batman's Arrogance and Ignorance. 

    Batman has always been portrayed in both comics and in movies,TV,graphic novels as a genius and someone who is always prepared for a fight. In a previous post I explained as to why Batman is the greatest hero and the most intelligent mind in the DC Universe. He has earned himself the title of "Worlds Greatest detective" and "The Dark Knight". So how is it that he was SO unprepared to fight bane? Why would he right him off as "Just a mercenary" Alfred tried to explain this to Bruce before he went up against bane and look what happened? Bruce got his shit snapped the fuck up in one of the most iconic scenes that comic readers around the world have waited decades to see. Batman is a genius and he is always prepared. In recent animated movies and also older animated movies batman even went to lengths of having a piece of kryptonite in his utility belt in case superman ever decided to join the other side. In Justice League Doom a recent animated justice league movie. Batman had plans in place that if the justice league got out of control or went to the other side he would act on his plans to neutralize them until they either died, or  until he could bring them back to the light. Batman is the most prepared man in the DC universe yet he did no research as to who bane was? Cmon. 

Talia Al Guhl and The Legacy.

    Alright I'mma wrap this up with these last 3 things. Starting off with Talia Al Ghul. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed her character as a whole but I don't like how they made her the main villain in the last movie in the trilogy. Also yes she was a main batman villain and has been for a very very long time, but most people have NO idea who she is, what she helped her father do, and how complicated she and Wayne's relationship truly was. In a story arc in the comic that was fairly recent Bruce and Talia had a son named Damian and she and wyane even started an all out war over each other because of Damien. I feel as though they could have done a much better job or introducing her character and making bane the true REAL villain of the movie. As based said "They made one of the better villains in the batman universe a bitch in 30 seconds, and then made his girl the main bad guy because of revenge" 

Lastly the way the movie ended annoyed the fuck out of me purely on the fact that they left it up to the audience for interpretation as to what happened. I like JGL hes an excellent actor, but the way they left him the legacy of the batman. It was cool that his name was robin but how exactly was he supposed to take over and be the batman when hes just an average street cop? With basic knowledge as to how apprehend criminals. On top of that what about weapons? Funding? How is he supposed to take over the mantle of the batman without the things that Wayne had? I could go deeper but that's the basics as to what is missing. Giant holes in the story. 

Overall the dark knight rises was a trash ass batman movie, but as a movie production,cast,story ect it deserved the ratings it got. Welp I ain't shit. I's like 4 AM as I write this so Imma holla. 


P.S. I got more comic shit for you all I just haven't been keeping up with all of the information that's being released in regards to DC and Marvel. Anway I'm out. 

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Loved it. All of what you said is basically how I feel as well. You should do more of these comic book movie rants or even rate comics as they come out.