Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Batman Is The Best Hero In the DC Universe

  Since we have already covered my main problem with the DC Cinematic universe I'll go ahead and choose to pick apart the new superman sequel another time. For now lets talk about Batman and why hes great. Again I want to mention that I am in no way doing a review of any kind. I'm just a much a fan of DC as I am of Marvel and I can respect heroes from either side. What I wont respect or adhere to is stupid logic that batman is a weak minded and weak willed individual, when in fact he is one of, if not THE smartest mind in the DC universe.

  I was thinking about this topic while some coonery was going on this morning on twitter. Couple NT dudes and some of my followers were discussing how batman would beat the bricks off superman and some people were disagreeing. Some were saying that one punch from superman would kill batman, or one shot of laser vision would kill batman. Granted all of these things are true, BUT do y'all really think batman is going to go into a fight with superman unprepared? Really? Batman is the world greatest detective. Not only does he have money, and money usually cures all things ( I mean shit look at magic Johnson), his intelligence is off of the scale. After his parents were killed he vowed to rid his city of the violence and filt that killed his parents. He spent his youth and early adulthood traveling the world preparing himself intellectually and physically to become the batman. Keep in mind that his parents died when he was around the age of 8-10. So he spent maybe 10-15 years training. He didn't return to Gotham until he had perfected all of these skills, he is a trained fighter who knows a combination of 5-10 martial arts, on top of that he has perfected criminology,chemistry,forensics,gymnastics,disguise, and escape artistry earning him the title "Worlds greatest detective" In the movie superman batman apocalypse batman threatens darkseid with the destruction of his planet by hell spores, which apparently are hella tough to crack but peep this.

  On that alone he is no push over in a fight. In the early 2000s KidsWB did a 2 part hour long special showing batman and superman in the same universe for the first time. This was the first worlds finest ever on screen and in this meeting, batman is looking for the joker and so is superman. When the 2 met Batman and superman get into a brief fight which starts with batman picking superman up and throwing him across a room, superman punches batman and the fight ends with batman pulling out a piece of kryptonite big enough to disable superman but not enough to kill him. See what I mean about how batman is never unprepared? EVER? How do you meet someone for the first time and you already know their weakness and are ready to exploit it?

  Nest point there's an animated movie called justice league doom where the justice league are facing Vandal Savage, and immortal who wants to destroy half the earth and creating a new world order. To do so vandal has to eliminate the justice league. Now no plan has ever worked before to beat them but Vandal hacks batman's supercomputer which has extremely detailed ways to immobilize the justice league if they were to ever be compromised. Now think about that...batman...1 man...had a plan to take down not only his friends, but the strongest force against evil in the universe. At the end of this movie superman asks batman "You had a plan to take care of us if we were went to the other side, but did you have a plan for yourself?" Batman replied "I have a plan, and that plan is the justice league". So lemme get this straight...Batman's plan to take him down if he ever went to the dark side....was to have the whole Damn justice league take him down? Do yall not get the weight of that statement?

Ill wrap it up with this. 

Part 2 

In essence...Batman is the strongest willed, He has strongest character, and He is the greatest intellectual mind in the DC universe, Both in the comic universe AND in the cinematic universe. I'm not counting Nolan's batman in this equation either and I'll explain why in another post. 

Anyway hope yall enjoyed

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