Monday, July 15, 2013

Marvel,Sony, and Fox's Cinematic Cluster Fuck

   Waddup. Figured I'd sit down and type out some mad nerd frustration and hopefully someone will see my logic and the utter stupidity on these 3 studios parts in this rant regarding comics, their movie adaptations and their cinematic universes, now lets begin.

    So I was at work a few days ago, and one of my coworkers is a HUGE comic book nut, like dude has a separate room in his crib dedicated to his comics and shit. So we got to talking about the marvel cinematic universe. Oh before I continue I do not by any means claim to be a comic junkie. My love of the comics spawned from my love of the recent cinematic universe. But like I was saying, we were discussing the recent success of marvels Phase 1 of the cinematic universe and the beginning of phase 2.

Phase 1:
The Incredible Hulk
Caption America
Iron Man 2
The Avengers.

Phase 2:

Ironman 3
Thor the Dark World
Captain America Winter Solider
Guardians Of the Galaxy
Avengers 2.

    Now the next movie in our line up is Thor & Cap'n Amercia. This is one studio but the same cinematic universe as Spiderman,Xmen, AND the fantastic 4. Now here is where the stupid comes in. Joss Whedon has cast Scarlet Witch & her brother Quicksilver in the Avengers 2. If you aren't up on your comics and you don't know the significance of this. Scarlet witch & Quicksilver are mutants. In fact they're MAGNETO'S kids (See our comic book Wednesdays for more info). Now legally speaking Whedon CAN'T cast them as mutants in Avengers 2 because Fox owns the rights to X-Men.

    Here comes the stupidity. The next 2 X-Men movies that are supposed to drop are going to be Wolverine & Days Of Futures Past, but get this. Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver are set to star in days of futures past, y'all see the problem? You have 2 PIVOTAL names, basically icons for comic readers but they're going to be played by 2 different people in either movie, and on top of that they may not be mutants in Whedon's universe? Cmon son. On top of this already mindfuck of a situation Hugh Jackman "Wolveriene" stated in a extremely recent interview he wants to see the Avengers,X-Men, AND Spiderman under one roof. Basically his solution to this problem is "You have 3 studios, why not go to each of them, split the costs, and make it work" Do y'all see the common sense in this?

    Now that this is already done lets get on with Sony. Sony owns Spiderman. Spiderman is a KEY portion in Civil War & in the Kree & Skrull War, So are the X-Men and so are the events that led up to where Whedon is taking us in his cinematic universe. Alot of shit is going on. So much shit that all of this HAS to tie together in someway shape manner or form. The other thing is the fantastic 4 and Dr.Strange. If you don't know the fantastic 4 are part of the avengers, Reed Richards,Ironman, and strange are apart of the Marvel Illuminati (the smartest minds in the universe). Strange has had his movie green lit and Joseph Gordon Levitt is being eyed for the roll and the fantastic 4 is set for a reboot after the absolutely horrible run it had in the past 2 movies. I mead seriously you got the human torch playing Cap'n America.

    I think Marvel is going to scoop up ALL the rights in the next 2-5 years. I mean why not? They can now. Marvel is making an un-Godly amount of money. Ironman 3 collected 678.9 MILLION in the first 12 days of release. That is fucking stupid, an absolutely retarded amount of money. Why else would Joss cast who he has? I think after Thor,Capn' America, and Guardians of the galaxy, Marvel is going to buy the rights to X-Men ( to solve that giant continuity issue with magneto and his kids) and wolverine, then Spiderman, then the Fantastic 4. To be honest I'd like it if they did a story line like the comics. Avengers Disassembled,House Of M,Civil war,Planet Hulk,World War Hulk, I mean even a Kree & Skrull war or a story line involving the infinity gauntlet & Thanos. There is so much shit going on it's honestly crazy. & I'm tired of seeing perfect story just being sat on cause Fox and Sony wanna be stingy.

Yall feel me? I hope so,anyway y'all stay frosty
ill hit you with something when I got something to say.
I'm Tomb
I'm out 

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