Monday, July 22, 2013

DC Comics Cinematic Clusterfuck.

  Whats good? I know I already hit y'all with that whole Marvel,Fox,Disney,Sony stuff lately and I plan on doing a follow up to that post right after I finish this one. This time around I'll be going back on DC universe and their cinematic universe that they're trying to build...Rather this cluster fuck of pure and utter ignorance and stupidity that they're TRYING to build a cinematic universe around.

  Now let me being by saying. I am in no way a DC COMIC nerd. I grew up watching  Batman & superman the animated series along with the Justice league & justice league unlimited (which can be found on netflix).
I also remember in the early 2000s that Toonami(God rest its soul) Played an animated version of the world finest. I cant remember ALL of teh details but that was the first time I saw the 2 caped crusaders in the same movie.

  Fast forward a few years we get Justice league and Justice league unlimited, which had alot of tie ins to other very cool shows like Static Shock, Batman Beyond ect. Keep in mind this is still the early 2000s so around this time is when the Justice League premiered and we got to see our heroes in animated form for the first time. Which was fucking insane.  When the 2 series ran their course we were taken on I think 200-250 EPS of cool people that we had been waiting to see together in a very long time.

   Now jump forward to last summer. TDKR drops and we effectively end Nolan's universe with batman. Batman has faced scarecrow,Ra's Al Ghul,The Gotham Crime Families,2 Face,The Joker,Bane,Catwoman, and Talia Al Ghul. He faced 6 major enemies over 3 very good movies. Bales is done as batman. Granted Nolan left the door open for JGL his hand in the universe and Bruce Wayne as effectively left his other life behind to JGL "Robin".

  Now we got superman. which is such a new movie that I have no idea how exactly they're going to make a SEQUEL for 2015 with batman in it. Superman JUST saved metropolis, got with Lois, and has yet to start TRULY being human and also dealing with the fact that he truly MIGHT be the last of his race ( I say might because there was an easter egg for super girl in man of steel) . You gonna just throw him in a movie with his friend and comrade 2-3 years after all this? I understand that DC wants to catch up to marvel because they saw how successful the avengers was. (1.6 BILLION). But they're rushing and I feel as though they are going to make movies that are going to be extremely sub par because of this "Rush"

Here is how you do this Cinematic Franchise the RIGHT way WITHOUT fucking it up. Keep in mind if this happens Marvel and DC will truly be competing instead of this slap fight bullshit we got now.

Superman (2013)
Batman reboot (2014/2015)
Green Lantern Reboot (2015)
Aquaman (2015)
Superman 2 (2015) *kill superman here, also make it a 2 part movie*
Wonder Woman (2016)
The Flash (2016) *Hints of MOS being alive in batman flash post credits scene*
Worlds Finest Batman & Superman (2017) *Superman returns here*
Martian Manhunter (2017)
Superman 3 (2017/2018)
Justice League (2020)

  Now doesn't that make a shit ton of sense? Doesn't this seem VERY VERY VERY smart? You have 7-5 years to build a cinematic universe in which ALL of your people or heavy hitters get their own shine and all of their movies can tie in and weave into one another, you have years of audiences building relationships and learning and understanding the characters not only as a single person, but how they fit in an ensemble. In addition of the order of this movies you can add in major players like Hawkgirl,Supergirl,Lex,Doomsday, Braniac,Darkseid,Victor Freeze,The Red Hood,Soloman Grundy,Clayface ect and have a TRUE Justice League movie and an incredible cinematic universe building up to an even bigger and larger expansion of the DC franchise. Keep in mind the spacing in between these movies. Think about how the story could work.

One of the main reasons I say reboot green lantern is because the last one was horrible. Ryan Reynolds did a horrible job with green lantern and batman needs reboot before he teams up with superman. The green lantern doesn't need a new Hal Jordan it needs a John Stewart/Green Lantern.

   Have Ryan Reynolds play The Flash, Have Idris Elba,Denzel Washington,Wood Harris, play John Stewart, Cavil reprise his role as superman. Gerard Butler play Aquaman, Wonder woman as Rachel Weiz, Emily Blunt, or Eva Green, IDK about batman. I'd want bale to play him.  Lastly have Richard T Jones as your Martin manhunter. I gave you an all star cast. I gave you a timeline. I gave you the reasoning behind ALL of this shit. Now obviously I'm not going to be heard cause I ain't shit. I'm just a dude sitting behind a screen with a shit ton of common sense. 
If you wern't up on comic shit or DC
I hope this helped just a bit
Anyway I'll hit y'all with more marvel shit soon.
Be easy.

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dawggggg that really was an all star cast you just mentioned , Ryan as flash was on the money , Green lantern is know as a serious type of guy , idris could be that , bulter as aquaman sheesh that would be awesome