Friday, June 21, 2013

Random Shit.


Been a min since I've posted on here. 
Figured I'd leave y'all with something thats been on my mind. 
This one got spurred by a comment I saw on twitter.So I been doing normal shit.
Working,buying kicks, trying to take over the world one day at a time.
So I moved a few pairs of shoes this week to cop some things I wanted.
and I saw someone say that " IDK man I may be to white for these things" Now think about that for a minute."Too white" I think that in 2013 that people my age, and people in sneaker culture or people in general would be long past the "Too white" to do this or "Too black" to say that. Sneakers are things we put on our feet to work out,look cool,chill,play,beat, the list goes on.In my mind you can never be "Too anything" to wear a shoe. As long as you love it and you want it. Wear it. Dont let a person tell you that " You're too white" for this or you're "Too black" For that. This principal I abide by is Fixed Uniform and Universal. You can never be too black for something, or too white for something. If you love it do it. Fuck an opinion. Fuck a hater. Don't let something silly like a skin color, Stop you from wearing what you want. shit people have died so you can wear what you want. 

Welp that's all I gotta say.
I ain't shit. 


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