Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Dark Souls II - Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight and Dual Swordsman Gameplay


Dual Swordsman

Temple Knight


For my Dark Souls fans. This is looking DOPE


Attack on Titan

My Anime heads...please. Do yourself a favor. Go and peep Attack on Titan. Here is a link for it. Its on going right now so its still new. The show is too goddamn real. A lot of 'Holy shit' moments, dope animation and the dialogue is dope as well. Trust me. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Random Shit.


Been a min since I've posted on here. 
Figured I'd leave y'all with something thats been on my mind. 
This one got spurred by a comment I saw on twitter.So I been doing normal shit.
Working,buying kicks, trying to take over the world one day at a time.
So I moved a few pairs of shoes this week to cop some things I wanted.
and I saw someone say that " IDK man I may be to white for these things" Now think about that for a minute."Too white" I think that in 2013 that people my age, and people in sneaker culture or people in general would be long past the "Too white" to do this or "Too black" to say that. Sneakers are things we put on our feet to work out,look cool,chill,play,beat, the list goes on.In my mind you can never be "Too anything" to wear a shoe. As long as you love it and you want it. Wear it. Dont let a person tell you that " You're too white" for this or you're "Too black" For that. This principal I abide by is Fixed Uniform and Universal. You can never be too black for something, or too white for something. If you love it do it. Fuck an opinion. Fuck a hater. Don't let something silly like a skin color, Stop you from wearing what you want. shit people have died so you can wear what you want. 

Welp that's all I gotta say.
I ain't shit. 


Monday, June 10, 2013

PS4 Conference Highlights

 Holiday 2013, Price: $399
Will require PS+ Membership for Online Multiplayer (Under $5 a month) 
Does not need to be connected to the internet to or be authenticated to use. 
PS4 WILL support used games.

Launch Titles. 

Killzone: Shadowfall

Drive Club (will be free for PS+ Subscribers)


Madden 25 


The Order: 1866

inFAMOUS Second Son

Kingdom Hearts III

Final Fantasy XV

Cross Platform


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Battlefield 4


The Division 


Dark Souls II Trailer

Prepare youself. Lots of dying. 

Lots of whiskey 



Very dope looking game. 


Star Wars Battlefront III announcement

The based god has shinned upon us all.


The 'Creativity' of Call of Duty Ghosts


Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division

Next gen Open World style RPG. 

Dead Rising 3 E3


Killer Instinct E3

About time. 


Dark Souls 2 E3

Thank You Based God. 


Metal Gear Solid V E3 Trailer

So. Damn. Dope. 


Friday, June 7, 2013

FKM Shirt on sale.

You can now pick up the Fat Kid Mafia Tony shirt. 
It will be $27 + Shipping (tracking number included) 
You can purchase the shirt here
Spread the word. 


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z


Q1 2014


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cork Roshe

What kind of shit is this? 
They gotta run everything into the ground. 
Shoosh looks like Ketchup
Toebox looks like a loaf of bread
Somebody big toe going through the toe box with the quickness. 

Pure DOO DOO. 

Comic Book Wednesday: Planet Hulk

Imagine if you were so gawdamn powerful that a few called the Marvel Illuminati made a decision to send you to space. To a planet that was meant to be peaceful and calm you down, but instead you enter a worm hole. The planet you land on is under rule from a Dictator like King. They decide to make you a Gladiator. 
Welcome to Planet Hulk. 

In my opinion this is a very important story arc to explain the future events of World War Hulk. Now something you have to keep in mind about Hulk now. There is no longer a Bruce Banner. The Hulk is in a constant state of rage. So much to the point that Professor X went into his mind and damn near had a nervous break down due to how much rage and anger was inside of him. Also, he has regenerative powers. A bit quicker than Wolverine which is pretty crazy. And the most important thing. His strength has no end. For example: If drop nukes on him, he survives and now can withstand and dish out Nuke levels of strength. 

You have the hulk become a Slave, Gladiator, Revolutionary, savior of a race and a King all in one story. It gets you attached to the character of the Hulk for the first time. In the past, Hulk wasn't written the best. Finally he gets something and they hit a home run with it. I would highly suggest getting a hold of this story. Peep my twitter timeline for a link and you should be able to jump right in. 

Next Comic Book Wednesday: The Civil War. 

I shouldn't have laughed as hard as i did at this

The sound the kid made.


The levels of confusion. 
Rick Ross rocking a KKK Robe n Hood
Shout out to dudes kicks tho
Sketchers go hard. 


Game of Thrones 'Red Wedding' reactions *Spoilers*

If you have not seen Game of Thrones or have not been caught up to the most recent episode, do not watch the video. Spoilers. 

Thrones is my favorite show of all time. 
This last week was on some fuckin bullshit. 
To see how other people reacted to it? 


Stop it.



NYC what ya'll doing?

Look at dude next to him with the ' Its too early for this shit' face. 
New York got some weird shit going on in their subways. 
The fuck?