Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Realest Dude from Cleveland

Two girls missing for ten years. 
RDFC(Realest dude from Cleveland) saves them. 
Now peep :17 seconds. 

I thought dude was gonna fade the camera man. 
Had that 'Nigga did you just touch my ass?' look
Now..Peep 1:05

Why did he have to have a nigga moment when the siren went off? 
Dude lowkey had a heart attack
'Did i have any warrants?' face happened. 
Peep 1:35 ... then Peep 2:24. Prepare yourself...

'I knew something was wrong when a lil pretty white girl ran into a black man's arm' 
'She was either homeless or somethin was wrong' 
Too real. 
Im out

Thank You Based Real Dude from Cleveland 


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