Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lol "Community"

  People really do love calling shit a "Community" It's hilarious seeing people throw that word around. It's funny because we want everything to be shared in a sense. In my mind a community is a place where people have same ideals,Goals,Interests, be them religious, or political. People steady wanna be a community, but niggas never wanna act like they apart of something bigger than them or treat people right for that matter.

  Lets take gaming as an example,On YouTube I used to belong to the "YouTube Gaming Community" (Sounds corny as shit right?). In this community, people talk over gameplay they record off their specific consoles. It's broken down into "Sub Cultures" for lack of a better term, and from there you got people who play every game on the damn earth. COD,Gears Of War, Halo, PC games ect then you get to the people who play the games and then the shit show really stars.

From the 3 years I spent apart of it. I found out one main thing in those 3 years. When everyone has an opinion and a free way of expressing it. The stupidity and the fuckery that results is mind numbing.
I mean the mind numbing part literally I found myself getting headaches reading tweets.

People fighting over who said this,who dating who(E-Dating & E-fucking )

Who got better gameplay, who has the coolest voice, who has a better channel ect. I said enough and I up and left. Unfollowed,Unsubscribed,blocked,removed everything that kept me from doing what I was there to do.

You know where you see behavior like this? Sneakers.
My God. I'm new to the shit in a sense, I started buying kicks in January and I haven't slowed. But what I see is this. Grown ass people. Bickering over trivial shit that isn't supposed to be the reason theyre there.
Grown men & some times women, beefing...on the internet...over sneakers...

"Oh you mad my collection is better than yours"
"Oh my collection is real yours is fake"
"you made trash videos this person does it better"

I ain't sign up for NONE of that fuckery. To be fair I don't think anyone did.I didn't sign up for drama when I played games.I didn't sign up to see it when I pick up kicks. Maybe if people quit crying for attention, Maybe if people quit seeking shit that doesn't matter at the end of the day, Maybe if people stopped making fools of themselves for followers on twitter, or on Instagram, Or any of the other trivial shit that has no effect on your life, when you turn your laptop off.

Maybe, Just Maybe. If people can get back to the real reason they got Interested in something.
Not for attention. Not for likes. Views. Fake praise. For the pure love and enjoyment of it.
Maybe these "Communities" we inhabit will actually look presentable and wont be shit shows.

But its cool though. Whos gonna listen to me? I'm just a young nigga with a shitty ass blog and nothing I say has any relevance or makes any sense. I ain't shit.



RagnaTBE said...

Hey Tomb wanted to say first off that I am a fan of yours regardless of what your doing and your reasons are solid. The community isn't what it was 3 years ago and now that the drama has become normal in a sense my list of commentators that I would watch daily has trickled down to 4 people...out of what used to be dozens. Am I sad your not going to be as big a part of the community yes, but I'm also happy that your getting out while you can. Your opinions do mean something though at least to this broke ass cracker from Bum fuck nowhere Ohio.
Keep on trucking dude,
James C.

Unknown said...

tomb i have been a fan of you and you vids for a long time i always appreciated yur sense of direction determination and how u dont agree with dumb ass drama queens and though i am sad to see your foot is out the door with all of this shit, i am glad to see u are keeping it real and following your dreams. much love, peace

foshdh said...

Thank fuckenn god you quite... you sucked ass anyways thinking your mature.. #GOAT

Unknown said...

Not sure if troll or real…