Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grape V Struggle pics

Grape Vs dropped. 
You know what that means? 
Folks taking fuckboy ass pictures with props
on some cooter brown shit. 
I present...

Dude over here trying to stunt on the entire swap meet with this fit. 
Bobby Fresh shirt, struggle shorts, hat and socks to match
dude is promoting that coon movement for 2013 

Cuz really went and copped half a bunch of grapes 
and made a bootleg jumpman out of it on some shitty mustard carpet
struggle ass carpet of some 1964 house
the fuck is that white shit on the grapes? 
Aids grapes. Get outta here 

Sorry ass fridge. Dude copped himself and his seed them grapes
Dude should have bought some groceries. 
Re-up that welchs's grape juice
Dude left a swallow of that grape juice left
Disrespectful ass fridge. 

Cuz couldn't even get creative. 
He just copped some shasta and a fuck ass grape air freshener from the corner store
The wackness is unreal. 
I cant fuck with ya'll no more man. 


shouts to quanb24

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