Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Comic Book Wednesday: House of M

House of M. 

Hopefully most of ya'll finished Avengers: Disassembled. This week i'm gonna hit ya'll with one of my favorite story arcs in Marvel history. A story that altered and set up the playing field for Civil War and an even crazier story arc called 'Endangered Species'. This one is crazy. 

Imagine. Mutants the majority and Humans the minority. In house of M, Scarlet Witch finally loses it. She flips the world upside down. Wolverine the head of Shield, Gwen Stacy was still alive, those who died in the Avengers were alive and Magneto was president. 

Now Wolverine's real power beyond the claws is regeneration. He starts remembering everything and goes on a mission to make sure everybody snaps out of it. It gets pretty deep. Everything is flipped and when people start coming out of it, it gets even uglier. 

Shit eventually hits the fan and the Scarlet Witch says three words that change the Marvel Universe forever. 

Make sure you peep my timeline on twitter for a link for where you can read this story arc later today. If you want, you can also, Wiki the story as well. 

Next time. I will be posting the legendary story arc that is called 'Planet Hulk'. 


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