Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Based Comic Book Weds Vol. 1 - Avengers Disassembled. The road to House of M

You wanna get hip to some of the best stories marvel (and Vertigo) has ever put out? Then lets do this. Each weds i am gonna put ya'll on to a story arc (think of it like a season). In the 2000s Marvel said 'Fuck it' and really went in and did some more adult themed stories that separated them from the competition. This started with the Avengers disassembled. If you're ready to get into some of the most G shit ever put into a goddamn comic book, hit the jump and let me hip ya'll to that pure crack pifftasticness.


There is a lot of comic books i will cover in the next coming weeks. During the time (Aug of 2004) we had to wait weekly for all this to unfold. I'm gonna take you through 2004 right up to 2010. Imagine having to wait weekly...monthly...for a comic to either answer your questions or leave you hanging. Insane. Luckily there were alternate Marvel Universes. (Astonishing, Ultimate ect..) I'm just going to keep you on the mainstream marvel universe known as 'Earth 616' 

Avengers disassembled is the kick starter for the way things will be in the Marvel Universe. Without this 99% of the comics that dropped would never have been put into place. At that time the avengers were:

-Captain America
-Captain Britain
-Iron Man
-The Scarlet Witch
-She Hulk

During that time, Marvel still had its traditional good guy wins, bad guy loses formula. Starting with disassembled, folks start dying. And important ones. Anything you've learned about comics and that cookie cutter shit is dead. Marvel stepped it way up with this. Now in THIS story arc you have: The dead coming back to life, the destruction of the Avengers Mansion, She Hulk going ape shit, Tony Stark being a drunk ass and the return of old demons. 

By the time you finish reading this story arc (about 34 issues) the names listed above will be altered. Big time. Some will live, some will die but on the grand scheme of things, it is NOTHING compared to the shit coming up. I mean no bullshit, some of the best writing and illustrations since I read Neil Gaiman's the Sandman. In order for you to get ahold of this, use your smarts. Google. check certain torrent sites. This is VERY easy to get ahold of. 

Because next week.... Shit gets really fucking real. 

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Joekuma said...

You should post a link of a download to this if you can get a hold of one and for each comic book series you post. Great blog and im interested in reading these but have looked everywhere and havent found a good DL