Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Automotive Life

If you don't know I'm a car enthusiast. 
Mostly Performance & Sports cars. 
Anyway this is a cool video I found figured I'd share. 

-Saze "Tomb"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Comic Book Wednesday: House of M

House of M. 

Hopefully most of ya'll finished Avengers: Disassembled. This week i'm gonna hit ya'll with one of my favorite story arcs in Marvel history. A story that altered and set up the playing field for Civil War and an even crazier story arc called 'Endangered Species'. This one is crazy. 

Imagine. Mutants the majority and Humans the minority. In house of M, Scarlet Witch finally loses it. She flips the world upside down. Wolverine the head of Shield, Gwen Stacy was still alive, those who died in the Avengers were alive and Magneto was president. 

Now Wolverine's real power beyond the claws is regeneration. He starts remembering everything and goes on a mission to make sure everybody snaps out of it. It gets pretty deep. Everything is flipped and when people start coming out of it, it gets even uglier. 

Shit eventually hits the fan and the Scarlet Witch says three words that change the Marvel Universe forever. 

Make sure you peep my timeline on twitter for a link for where you can read this story arc later today. If you want, you can also, Wiki the story as well. 

Next time. I will be posting the legendary story arc that is called 'Planet Hulk'. 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Dude doing some insane shit.
But what do i know.
I'm fat.
Don't even have a bike. 


Saturday, May 25, 2013



The 5/25 Struggle

The thirst was at a all time high
People from far and wide up at the crack of dawn
just to get their chance at buying restocks and/or Black Toe 1s
Before it was time to cop...the struggle started early.
The date will go down in hypebeast history....
The 5/25 Struggle Tweets: Pregame

Somehow UNDFTD Dunk thirst made it. 
The confusion and fuckery

this will get ugly.

The few who failed to do the homework. 
like the last 3 weeks weren't clear enough.
like twitter, niketalk and /r/Sneakers didn't give enough info

But then...It happened.
What we all knew that would happen.
The 5/25 struggle tweets...

Your typical 'crooks' tweet 
Sadly i saw no illuminati tweet
I was almost as mad as these folks
but then...i saw these Gems..

Woke up early for the first time since the Bred XI release
Nike got you waking up angry over shoes

Your typical 'fuck you' tweet
it feels like its tradition at this point
The culmination of no connections
No homework done

See you next release.
Talking the same shit. 

Nigga excuse me? 
hype got you crazed and you forgot you size?
How are you this slow before breakfast?

Online camping. 
A actual thing.
Sneaker fuckery


MJ don't believe you. 

You are a special snowflake of stupid. 
Thank you.

The word 'Boof'' made me spit milk on my keyboard. 
What does that even mean? 

If only you got your pairs then you'd be choking on Nike's Dick...
but.. y'know

Bootleg Riff Raff mad. 

Welp..Can't follow up shit after THAT tweet.
Hope you enjoyed it. 
I did. 
We'll see you next time.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Man Of Steel - Fate of Your Planet trailer


- Based

Xbox One Info

Xbox One.
Quarter 4 2013
Releases with Kinect sensor

The reveal was Multi-Media heavy.
Skype, ESPN, Interative NFL, CableTV connectivity. 
Voice activated commands via Kinect
Switch between TV, Games, Music instantly via voice command
Saved games goto the Cloud
Calling itself 'All in One' system
Xbox Live still being used.

Xbox One isn't backwards compatible with Xbox 360 discs or Xbox Live Arcade, Gamerscore transfers
15 Exclusive Titles 
8 of them are new IPs

Confirmed Titles 
Assassin's Creed 4
CoD: Ghosts
Forza 5
Madden 25
NBA Live 14
Quantum Break
 Watch Dogs

8 Core CPU
64 Bit
500 GB HDD
USB 3.0
Wi-Fi direct
Blu-Ray Drive