Thursday, April 4, 2013

Waddup Vol.I

It's been way to long .
Sorry I been slacking lately, I run 2 YouTube channels and I'm a twitter addict and I'm 19
trying to be super nigga, and do everything I dream about in a day. 
but I digress 
I'mma sit here and I'mma rant and you're gonna read every damn word

You know what I hate? People who assume they know me because they read my tweets.
I been making videos on YouTube for 3 1/2 years and never in my fucking life have I had
a muhfucka tell me that, they know me because of my tweets. I have over
100K tweets, Shit ton of tweets I know right? For the last 2 months
I've had so many people literally living in my mentions telling me that my "Life" is making
people feel bad on twitter. When I mean living, I mean these mother fuckers are acting like
they're camping for a retro pack of J's. Niggas got tents, fires, Cans of OFF, Sleeping Bags,
and BassProShop issued camping attire. 

Thats right folks, People tell me my literal "life" is making people feel bad. 
See there are these things called fucks, and then there are things called "Feelings"
I'm sorry to tell you this 
I don't have any spare fucks, to give about how you feel over teh inter webz.

I don't even care about your opinion. I'm a loud mouth, I run my mouth, I run my shit 
the way I please. Do people think it hurts me when they call me mean?
I'd punch you and your baby for a pair of GR Jordans if I wanted to
shut the fuck up you soft taco fuck..

You know what else I fun funny? 
When people tell me I'm mad over twitter. That shit is honestly one of the 
funniest things I've ever read in my life.
You really think...your tweet will upset me?
you know what that tweet does for me? 
It lets me know that you eat ass at the highest level.
you have a masters degree from AssCheek University.
You have a masters degree in Tongue&CheekOlogy
you damn near a professor. 

You know what else I don't like?
The part of the YouTube community I'm in. 
Shit is sad. 
Like when I mean sad, I mean like your dog got hit by an 18 wheeler  
in front of the crib and you saw that shit unfold in front of your eyes kinda sad.
Being where I am with YouTube has made me hate gaming. 
I love games too. To fucking death. But this whole YouTube COD shit?
The trolling? The Gameplay? The commentaries?
I wanna jump in a gundam and blast everything I see when I go look at my TL 

Man I like light skinned mixed females
Muscle cars.
and food. 
Shit people say shouldn't get to me. But every time I open twitter
I wanna let the chopper sing on everyone I see. 
Stupidity cannot be avoided because were all afflicted with it. 
Thats right you're stupid. too. Stop looking at the screen like 
"OMG I cant believe he said that" 
You know damn well you've been a pop bitch and said some off the wall bullshit too.

Maybe my time with YouTube is coming to a close. 
If it is thank you laced God. It's been real. 
But the shit is getting corny. 
Its getting old. 
Even when I TRY to do my own thing. 
I end up in the middle of something stupid.

Whatever. I ain't shit. I'll update y'all again soon. 

I'm Tomb
I'm Out

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