Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Steam Greenlight Games You Should Know About

Steam has a program called 'Greenlight' where they let the Steam community pick indipendant games to get the Greenlight to be published onto steam. You are starting to see more and more great independent titles. A few been given the go ahead by steam to start final production. This will be three titles i think you guys should not sleep  on.

Dead State

This is a survival horror diablo style game. The game is still in a early build, but the game looks like it can eventually become something very dope. Scavange for parts for your shelter, food and drink, and weapons. I know they've been over doing zombie games in the last few years, but this is a different style and im interested to see what they accomplish with this game. Get more info on Dead State here

Shovel Knight


I'm a fan of Mega Man games. I was also raised on Ghost n Ghouls for the Sega Geneisis. This game reminds me of both. Steep difficulty and 8 bit graphics. Two things i've been seeing a shit ton of indy developers do lately. Which is fine because it takes away the emphasis on graphics and more on gameplay. This game has everything a classic game should have. Simple gameplay, tough enemies and the challenge of beating a Giant Boss at the end of the level. This game looks like a must cop for me. Check out more Shovel Knight Info here


Hammerwatch brings it back to the old 4 player co-op, Gauntlet style gameplay with 8 bit graphics, hordes of monsters, gold looting and puzzle solving. This is the type of shit i've been dying to see. What can we do with a old formula and improve it with the innovations from today's games? This game looks promising. Not too simple but not too complicated either. Check out more Hammerwatch info here

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