Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Bout That Time

Yall miss a young nigga?

Yeahhhhhh Its bout that time where I just blow up the damn page with all the shit I been sitting on
Man this shits crazy I'm actually posting on the blog.
I know right? Idk what it is but I cant rush a rant.
or a post that I don't feel is perfect. 
Like why rush something that's natural right?

That last line sounded gay as fuck....
"Don't rush it if its natural"
Nigga is this Gilmore girls? 
C'mon tomb wtf...

Anyway hand clap for me posting more 

Moving on.
Man this month been crazy as shit. 
I've learned too damn much.
Like when your brain starts falling out the side of your ear type learning. 

Yall know I like kicks, yall know I like cars.
Yall also know I cant stand these YouTube niggas.
My God I've come to hate it

Between the dudes who bitch about gameplay.
to the part of the community where I'm at.
I took bout over 9000 steps back and looked at that shit.
Like I looked at it and some lyrics that I know popped into my head.

"Why would you stay where you dont fit in" 

I'mma let that sink in...
Yall got that shit...
Like you got that?


Shits makes so much sense man. 

I cant stand COD, actually I can deal with the game.
Just the niggas on twitter like my Gawd dude. 
Half the time I'm on twitter I look at my TL like.

I've outgrown the shit. 
I've outgrown the people.
I've outgrown the game too. 
No video game should actually make me want to physically
abuse another human being. 

Why do girls do YouTube?
I know why. 

In my past experience most girl gamers.
Or as I like to call them "Bitches with Xboxes"
The reason they do it. Is because of some severe deficiency in attention.
Or they're running from some problem. 
It's honestly hilarious and sad that some 19-25 year old women legitimately feel so bad about themselves
that you gotta turn to a video game and some young impressionable niggas with trust issues
to hide your insecurities. You know God damn well you don't find this shit cool
Yall do it cause yall got shit lives and yall need attention and you wanna mask that.
Ole Medusa ass bitches.
Yall be the ones on Instagram taking pics yall in the bath tub.
or on Instagram the cover of 50 shades of grey. 
or yall the ones needing to take over 9000 nappa sized selfies. 

This shit is so corny man. 
On some serious shit. If I had the money or the means to do
what I truly love, and what I truly find fun. My ass wouldn't be making videos
of me playing call of duty. 

Niggas thinking they dick is bigger than mine cause you got
a higher score on a screen? 

I been cooking the last month.
Just sitting. Thinking. Planning.
You know? That Dark Knight Bane on the Plane
"It doesn't matter who we are" type shit.

I'm sitting over here with my mask on and my vest.
Just cooking. Getting ready to make my life amazing.
Like Son...
Man the shit I been thinking on. 
My talents and potential is wasted on things that are so trivial.
Got my ass over here bored as fuck thinking about a topic
for some game.
that was DOA.

I truly pity people who make gaming their lives.
In most cases the people I know who want to do it for a living
or make it a source of income, are the most unhappy people.

The other thing I've noticed is that these people got no other hobbies.
Like all you care about is video games...
Talmbout "Video games were there for me"

Anyway. I'm on my league of shadows.
Plotting the future of my empire.
Slowly laying the groundwork for some shit
Thats gonna be epic.
It will let me take care of me and mines.
& I'll be whipping something serious.

Actually something serious x4. 

Man whatever. I'm out here planning. 
Winning and living. 

With that said. 
I'm Tomb
I'm out


tomaCabron said...

sun, u posted an epic? i didnt read that length for college ima read that shit for a blog. rethink this decision B. LOL for real.

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