Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GI Joe Retaliation

...So I got a chance to sit down and watch the new GI Joe movie...
Now because I was born in the early to mid 90's 
I grew up watch the cartoon and playing with the toys on Saturday mornings.

In the early 2000s I spent alot of time watching the animated or cartoon movies
of GI Joe that they had aired on Toonami in the late evenings. 

I love the GI Joe franchise and I love the story plot ect.

Now its time for me to utterly destroy the franchise I grew up with. 

IMDB gave GI Joe Retaliation a 6.4 out of 10 stars.

My opinion? this was hot garbage. Like I mean. Steaming hot garbage thats been in the sun for a good 
wee 1/2 and when you take it to the trash can, the bag breaks and you gotta call
the hazmat team to come clean you up with industrial soap and glade.

They shouldn't have made the first one. 
Lord knows they shouldn't have done a re-boot.

What this movie made me feel like? 
It felt like they honestly TRIED to make this movie good. 
When I mean try. They got some new actors, a bigger budget, ect and it still fell short.
The only things that were truly redeemable about this movie were Bruce Willis & The Rock.

One of the man things that was off about this movie. 
Was the feud between Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow. 
If you don't know the back story. 

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow were once childhood friends. They trained with the same master
who was the leader of the Arashikage. Who was assassinated by Zartan. In the cartoons Storm shadow had his master assassinated because his master had taught snake eyes a powerful finishing move and not him.
So he had him killed by Zartan and joined Cobra Commander. 

In this movie, Zartan in fact did kill his master, but framed Storm Shadow and when snake eyes found him
it was made to look like Storm Shadow did it. 

This was revealed in the movie and when this fact was revealed to storm shadow.
he joined forces with the GI Joes & Snake Eyes to seek revenge.

This never would have happened and is thus a giant continuity issues.

Over all this movie is not something that I suggest you see. 
To make matters worse. I saw this movie for free and I felt as though it was a waste of my time.
A movie should never have TRY to be good. In my eyes this movie failed. I don't suggest you spend your money time or energy & gas driving to the theater. 

I'm Tomb
I' give this movie a 3/10 (Cause I'm a GI Joe Fan)
I'm out

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