Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fat Kid Mafia Clothing - Course 0 -

Fat Kid Mafia Clothing
-Course 0-

When you meet with ya people at your local spot. Talking about your favorite movies, even quoting obscure movie references. Talking about a video game that's coming out that you're gonna not leave the house because of. Talking about them new Jordans dropping or them quick strike newblanaces. All the while eating some bomb ass food in good company. That is Fat Kid Mafia. 

Instead of releasing the apparel by season, I am going to release it by Course. Keep it food themed over all. Each Course will have a theme. The Course I am going to show today will be Course 0. 

Fat Kid Tony close up image

Fat Kid Henry close up image

Fat Kid Rothstein close up image

For anybody interested in the first printing of these please email with your name, which shirt and size. We will have size S-XXXL. Thank you all for the support and anybody who has ever came to The Fat Kid Social Club. Thank you.


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