Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello. I'm Tomb, and I hate stupiduty

I'm new around here, so for all 5 of you paying attention to this post. Waddup.
My name is Tomb, I'm a gamer, I run a YouTube channel with around 30,000 subscribers.

I post mainly Call Of Duty, but lately because I'm getting older,branching out, and doing what 
I want instead of what my friends and supporters want. Which tends to rustle a few people jimmies.
I also am extremely outspoken. I also see through people. 

I'm a twitter addict with over 100,000 tweets, I love muscle cars ( Mustangs & Camaros)
I'm an aspiring sneaker head. I say aspiring because I cant do it at 100% right now.
That is  a story for another post. 

What I have for y'all today is a short version of the stupidity and ignorance 
on a video where I explain my back story on YouTube and how I got into gaming. 

I have the occasional argument with YouTubers with fan bases almost 1000 times my size
This time I had an argument with someone who I didn't even directly say anything to
and he sent his army ( i.e. sheep ass followers) to troll me and my videos.

Below is what I dealt with majority of this afternoon.

Oh we cant forget the comments about me being a nigger

This is what the annonimity of the internet allows people to do. 
I'm not looking for sympathy, I just want people to know
that this is who people are leaving the future to.

In the mean time, Imma let these idiot kids pass my videos around for their friends to troll
and I'll sit back and collect the funds that I make from my channel.

Stupid people are stupid.


"A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep"

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