Thursday, October 11, 2012


Finally got my hands on Dishonored. Played a few hours and i'll just tell ya'll what I think about it. The story is interesting. It is set in a steam-punk-ish era, where you have to save the Empress's daughter. You got to find clues about her. The game gives you options on how to complete each mission. You can kill everybody, or go stealth and kill nobody. Of course I killed everybody. You can use skills that you can buy with "Runes" like teleporting, x-ray vision or you can even summon rats to attack your enemy. The game felt like a big mix of Bioshock and Assassin's Creed.

I got kind of bored and frustrated when I died a few times, but the game's auto-save is kind of weird and works when it wants to. It started me back at the beginning of the mission after i spent 30-45 mins wandering around picking up collectibles  Kind of pissed me off. The game looks great, but having to stop and save all the time, it just got boring after awhile.

I give this game a RENT, mostly because in about a month or two, you'll see this game (like a majority of games) price drop. Also, because for myself personally i got bored after a few hours.

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tomaCabron said...

JUST HACK YOUR PS3 SON. NO NEED TO BUY SHIT. unless you support the scene and shit then thats a different story.