Tuesday, October 23, 2012


There is somebody walking around with this shirt on
Thinking "All them heaux gonna love me" 
Finally something worse than Bobby Fresh

Oh Ight....





Im out. 

Iron Man 3


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RIP that Tree

That tree is under so much stress

That shit leaning so hard in this picture

I dont know if she fat or pregnant

Look at her neck fat choking her out

Look at the simp she with. 

Dude look like Craig Robinson

That tree the strongest tree in the world

We can build jetson Sky cities out of the wood from that tree

Big ass bitch killing the Ferngully tree

RIP The Ferngully Tree bruh...

Man, I hate you new niggas

Couldn't afford them Elite socks so you do this shit?

All that work to rock some nikes and you got some Vans on?

Not even some hot vans, some bust down shit too

Them shits leaning like a bitch too. 

Look like dude fucked up 100 kick flips on them vans

And only folks who play ball should rock elite socks

This lil new nigga weight more than me

and im a heavy muh fugga...

New niggas i hate you

Dragon Trailer

So Dope

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2K is serious

Swag Level: Master Mode

This dude is the real Enzio of Assassin's Creed.
You see the swiftness of the swing of his sword? 
Nigga got tomahawks n shit. 
Goddamn Samurai Swords and all that. 
All them sharp objects but he cant shave that neck beard? 
That nigga got a BEER in his pouch bruh
That nigga got some sandles on like FUCK DANGER BITCH
You notice some of them bottles were Diet Ocean Spray? 
How unhealthy do you have to be to have Diet Ocean Spray?
Yo that nigga in full on Ninja gear. 
Dude can't even put his hood on all the way man...
I can't...

Django Unchanged Trailer 2

Tarintino gonna unleash some CRACK on us this Christmas

POV Parkour

Turn the music down. The sound is terrible. Dope video though.
Always wanted to see first hand what it would look like to run around like this. 

Hitchcock Trailer

Looks dope.

Anything Anthony Hopkins is in, i'll watch. Great actor. Helen Mirin looks dope in here too.


Finally got my hands on Dishonored. Played a few hours and i'll just tell ya'll what I think about it. The story is interesting. It is set in a steam-punk-ish era, where you have to save the Empress's daughter. You got to find clues about her. The game gives you options on how to complete each mission. You can kill everybody, or go stealth and kill nobody. Of course I killed everybody. You can use skills that you can buy with "Runes" like teleporting, x-ray vision or you can even summon rats to attack your enemy. The game felt like a big mix of Bioshock and Assassin's Creed.

I got kind of bored and frustrated when I died a few times, but the game's auto-save is kind of weird and works when it wants to. It started me back at the beginning of the mission after i spent 30-45 mins wandering around picking up collectibles  Kind of pissed me off. The game looks great, but having to stop and save all the time, it just got boring after awhile.

I give this game a RENT, mostly because in about a month or two, you'll see this game (like a majority of games) price drop. Also, because for myself personally i got bored after a few hours.

Laced Sneaker Addicts

Big props to the people over at LSA for blessing me with these Curry Dunks for a great price.
Fast shipping, great customer service and 100% legit.
Support a great group of dudes, with a great selection and great prices.
Also, Check out their Ebay Page where they got kicks going for 99 cents.


Ugly ass customs vol.....1000

What the fuck kind of dusty shit is this? 
Looks like he dropped them in flour. 
Somebody co-signed this too. 
I'd drop a bag of rocks on a dude face rocking these ugly ass kicks
This must be the guy behind them Ashy Larry Jordan 4s a few months back

I for one hate customs.
Not all of them. 
Just a large majority of them. 
90% of them are trash. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012