Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fatkid post

Wuttup people

I know lately i haven't been updating as much, and borderline have been staying away from sneaker stuff. Mostly, because i've been busy playing the shit outta some video games (priorities) but one of the main reasons why i've been steering clear of kicks is, well, there isn't much exciting me. We all know, Bred 4s, Bred 11s, Bred 13s and Royal 1s are dropping.

Why would i was your time showing ya'll "New" detailed pictures, of the shoe we all know? I'm a sneakerhead, but never wanted to be a "sneakerblog" I've just wanted a spot for my folks and i to peep funny shit and cool shit. A spot where, when at work, you can hit the site and procrastinate. And thats what i plan on sticking to. If i see some cool sneaker shit, i'll post it. If i see some shitty customs, i'll post it and clown.

Felt like i had to get that out. Thank you all for the support and checking out this site. Without ya'll i wouldn't have done it in the first place. Thank you.


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