Thursday, August 2, 2012

Juicemaji site

There are more and more sneaker sites popping up out there. Most of them are doing the same old 2 step. Post pictures, comment on the suede or whatever the fuck fabric is on it and hope for views. Originality in sneaker sites are very rare now. Well, there is one that is pretty new, and to be honest, i wouldn't even call it a sneaker site. It's more of a sneaker testimonial and stories of the "golden years" of sneaker collecting.

Juicemanji's site is that breath of fresh air that i believe every sneakerhead should read not only for some knowlege about sneakers, but for just funny ass stories. Like when Laser from American Gladiators was trying to be a cheap ass (here) or some history lessons on Ray Allen being "The Last Samurai" of team Jordan.

Hit up the site man. I fucks with it. Got it bookmarked and homepaged. Also, follow him on twitter here. Dude always has some funny tweets about something.

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