Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jeremy Scott must be stopped.

I understand. Dare to be different. I get it. You are smoking arctic glacier sized base rocks if you think that anybody is ever gonna rock that track suit. Bruno or no Bruno, that shit is just retarded. That track suit looks like a fairy sneezed on a Italian mob guy's valor track suit. 

See, Jeremy Scott is doing way too much with this shit now. Teddy Bears on kicks, slave shackles and now just...This? Word? He's the equivalent is no equivalent. Dude is just fucking up every which way and Adidas is cool with this? At least we could have taken the Star Wars kicks seriously because...its fucking star wars. But this flower shit? 

Look at blood holding his face down hoping nobody notices him.

Like "Please let not nann one nigga recognize my face" 

I bet his lady gonna leave his ass after this pic leaked out.

Fuckin No Karamo. 

- Shouts to SirMissedALot aka OG Bobby Johnson

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