Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Proof Lebron wants your kids to be fat and miserable.

No Lebron...No.

Good Job Lebron.

Listen. Here at Fat Kid Social Club, we promote glutinous food intake and all around ignorance when it comes to your meals. We take pride in eating the most unhealthy concoctions of food possible and then celebrate in our clogged arteries. But role models, we are not. We don't want the children of america to live the lives we lead. Its a long and bumpy one, filled with bubble guts, mud butt and stomach aches. We want the children, our future to eat healthy so they can take care of our fat asses when we turn 40 and inch closer to death.

Lebron James on the other hand, wants to fatten kids up with the promotion of Mc Donalds foods so he wont have competition when he is in his 30s. He wants the children, our future to go into Diabetic comas and look like the fat fucks in the movie Wall-E. Why Lebron? Why do you want our children to look like Jabba The hutt? Lebron you are a threat to the future and you must be stopped.

Apple Pies fuel you? 

-Shouts to @TheGoodfella_ 

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