Monday, July 30, 2012

The amount of ignorance that would take place.....

Are we even surprised the Japanese made this? This is so dope is not even funny. And you can shoot by smiling? What? Man. Look. I will live out my Metal Gear Solid DREAMS with this robot

I'd pull up to a nigga in a lambo and disrespect his existance. 
Like BITCH, your shit can't do this. 
Then i'd light up ya block like....


ok im done. 

NBA 2K13 Executive Produced by Jay-Z

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cloud Atlas Exteded Trailer - Wachowski bros new movie.


At first I thought, this can't be a Wachowski Bros Movie

Then the trailer picked up. 

Tom Hanks? Check. 

Wachowski Bros? Check. 

Cyberpunk Future scenes? Check. 

I will watch this long mind fuck of a movie. And i will enjoy it. 


You're just gonna lay on the street with wet doo-doo coming out ya pants huh? 

Random shoe on the step. 

Looks like a Sunday morning in Boston. 


With the H-Town Sneaker Summit getting closer, the good folks over at Laced Sneaker Addicts decided to bless me with exclusive, never seen pics of a collab from LSA and SBTG they will be showing at the Houston Sneaker Summit. It's LSA's 1 year anniversary so you know they had to do something ill.

If you're not familiar, SBTG are the folks behind some of the most well made sneaker customs in the game. Head over to their site to check for updates on their work and follow them on twitter here.

Its pretty dope with a camo pattern, over some blast wall graffiti and blood striping. This is something that will mos def turn heads at the H-Twon Sneaker Summit.

Make sure you go check out LSA's booth and get into the raffle as well to help bring the OG LSA homie home from Iraq. The prices are pretty dope as well.

First Prize: Air Jordan 1 DS (Either sz. 9.5 or an 11)

Second Prize: Zoom Rookie Binary Blue (size 9)

Third Prize: $50 Dollars off next Purchuse

Forth Prize: Free Tee from Supreme

Fifth Prize: Free Bobby Tee Shirt

For more updates on LSA follow them on twitter here

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RIP Jordan VIIs

So. Thanks to my folks at @SoleUniv ( they posted this link today on twitter. I said please stop posting ugly customs on my timeline. They tell me "its a actual release" 

Well then. Kids, get your Olympic VIIs asap because it looks like they are just trying to troll or something. This design is some Blade Runner, Comic-Con looking shit. And the saddest part is...They will sell out. There will be campers. There will be lines. And they're gonna release more ugly "new" Jordan design on past sneakers. 

Thank God I have 1 more pair of Jordans to go to complete the collection. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking Dead Season 3 Comic Con Trailer

Dredd Red Band Trailer

Looks alot better. 

Assassin's Creed Boston Gameplay

Vizionary Villainz E-Store Opening

Be sure to check out the folks @23G over at Vizionary Villainz, who just opened their E-Store today. They got a pretty dope selection over there. Real cool designs on their apparel. Check out the E-Shop Here. Also remember, if you use their logo on IG or Twitter, your order comes with some stickers as well.