Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sneaker Jack

Alright. So i've been promoting a site called for the last month or so. It is a penny bid site similar to but for kicks. They did the Galaxy foams and other kicks as well in the last month. Well, last night(4/20) they had their grand opening to the public. They had the Diamond Turf IIs, Jordan XII playoffs and a pair of Flight One Galaxies.

Now, first let me say, i wanted to help promote this site because I appreciate alternatives to copping your kicks. This one was a good one. They gave away free bids for signing up, and a chance to win a bid on some pretty dope kicks.

So last night, i was bidding on the Galaxy Flight Ones and I won. When i saw people winning kicks, i was thinking this may be a fraud. Others within the community were saying the same. I still wanted to promote and give them the benefit of the doubt. I was proved wrong. This site is as legit as they come. I fully endorse this website and they now have a customer for good.

Hit up sign up and get a chance to win some auctions. Again, i give it my co-sign. They are legit.

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