Monday, March 26, 2012

That Benihana Mustard Sauce

For those not fortunate enuff to fucks with Benny Chop Chop aka My nigga Benito aka Benihana, you need to step your life up in many aspects. I can go on about how them niggas doing the Iron Chef in front of you and make volcanos out of mother fuckin onions(that shit is sorcery) but this is about that Benny Chop Chop Crack aka That Mustard Sauce.

Thanks to the Fat Kid Field Journalist and Taco Bell advocate for the streets, Nicole aka Will rob you for the Dorito Taco aka Based Nicole, she acquired said the Mustard Sauce for me. Now, only serious Fat Kid professionals can do it this way. We buy that bitch by the Pint. Put that shit on steak, lobster, Mc Donald French Fries and dip your Hot Dog on a Stick in that bitch(pause)

Keep the pepto and tums ready because you might not be about this fat kid life. Real Taco.

What? You don't like Mustard Sauce? 
You ain't on shit. 
You ain't real to me son. 

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