Monday, March 19, 2012

Ted x Nike Air Max 1

props to for the info. 

I am a big fan and follower of Ted (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design)where many people who have great ideas, great ways of thinking and input as well as insight to how we do regular things and even some things within science fields go to talk and lecture about those great things. Well Nike has made a pair of Air Max 90s for a prize the the Portland Ted talk on the 20th of this month(tomorrow) That prize is the Air Max 90s. 

For myself, i am a BIG fan of Air Max 90s. Add the fact that Ted will have a special one made for this conference and you can only imagine my nerd excitement went off the scale. What is up for discussion is that, will Nike ever release these or will these be a grail for myself and other fans of the air max 90 line? Time will only tell. 

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