Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sarah Mclachlan. Menace to my happy time.

I'm all for animal rights. I really am. I hate cats, but that is because they are soulless monsters. Besides that, I really can't stand that animal cruelty shit. But , why is it, when i am watching Discovery Channel or Adult Swim at night, out of fucking NO where, there has to be some sad ass mother fucking shit with animals come on? I'm watching fucking family guy and out of no where, on my TV, there is a three legged dog with one eye named Petey? I went from laughing to a tear falling down my face in 30 seconds.

Poor fucking dogs. 

Sarah Mclachlan is a terrorist on my happy time. She needs to kill that shit. Put them commercials on Fox or CSpan or some channel where the general audience isn't trying to feel like freeing animals at the zoo everytime commercials come on. She is a menace to my happiness man. I fucking dread commercial time on TV now.

Every commercial. EVERY.COMMERCIAL. 

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