Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kobe VII Poison Dart Frog

Begining of next month, one of my personal must haves for the first half of this year are dropping. The Kobe Poison Dart Frogs. With Kobe VIIs releasing alot of heat, these right here will no doubt be anticipated by those who are new to the Kobe line, and those who have been a avid collector of the Kobe line. 

With these being the only image out with a full view of the Kobes, they look like complete and utter heat. With a mint green around the mid sole and from what it looks like, around the bottom as well. They look amazing. As soon as these drop, I will do a review of these as well as some other pick ups. 

Kobe VII "Poison Dart Frog"
MSRP $140

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