Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bred XIs dropping instead of Colombias

Shit is about to get real. If you thought the Concord release was bad, the Bred XIs will be worse. Word is, they are not releasing the Colombias that were slated to come out as the December shoe. Alot of people were expecting the 2013 December shoe to be the Bred XIs. Alot of people will be pissed about this, mostly because how the Colombias look. 
Personally, I rather have the Breds. They are a grail pair for me. Never could afford them when they came out originally, so guess what?!?!? A NIGGA IS EXCITED!!!!!!ITS GOING DOWN!!!!!!

12/21/12(may change)
Bred XIs

$180 MSRP

The end of the world!!

-Shouts to Deftronic for the news.

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