Friday, March 30, 2012

Stalley - Savage Journey To The American Dream

Its finally here. After a week or two of leaks of pure heat, the mixtape is finally here. Download the mixtape from live mixtapes . Should be a heater from any indication of the leaks that were dropped. Enjoy.

Air Force One Foamposite Low Pro

Shouts to the folks at highsnobiety

People have been waiting for a new Foamposite AF1 release. So here it is. Being that Foamposites are pretty hot right now, they would be smart to put these out with all the hype around foams right now. They are pushing this towards a Fall/Winter release so we will keep you posted as soon as we get a date. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Air Force 1 Deconstruct Hazelnut

Shouts to Modern Notoriety 

I haven't seen a hot AF1 colorway in quite sometime. This right here looks like a quality product. I would love to see these in person or get a review on these just to hear about the quality of it. If you want to pick a pair up, Corporate Got Em has them in stock right now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nike Air Max Shake Evolve Black/Red

Shouts to Nice Kicks

I was waiting to see if they were going to do the Bulls colorway. These joints slipped under the radar as far as the green colorway goes. No date on these yet but they will be going for $145 

Sarah Mclachlan. Menace to my happy time.

I'm all for animal rights. I really am. I hate cats, but that is because they are soulless monsters. Besides that, I really can't stand that animal cruelty shit. But , why is it, when i am watching Discovery Channel or Adult Swim at night, out of fucking NO where, there has to be some sad ass mother fucking shit with animals come on? I'm watching fucking family guy and out of no where, on my TV, there is a three legged dog with one eye named Petey? I went from laughing to a tear falling down my face in 30 seconds.

Poor fucking dogs. 

Sarah Mclachlan is a terrorist on my happy time. She needs to kill that shit. Put them commercials on Fox or CSpan or some channel where the general audience isn't trying to feel like freeing animals at the zoo everytime commercials come on. She is a menace to my happiness man. I fucking dread commercial time on TV now.

Every commercial. EVERY.COMMERCIAL. 

Stalley Wale & Anthony Flammia - Home To You

The tape finally drops this Friday. its gonna be deep. The leaks so far off this have been crack. Just pure crack. This new leak is DOPE. As soon as it leaks, i'll throw it up for yall. 

Download the track here

Peedi Crack - Watch me Bend it

The homie Peedi right here. This dude was cold as fuck on State Property. Diggin this joint here though.

Theophilus London – Take It Off (Dim The Lights) f. Blood Orange

This dude been tight since i can remember. last year he dropped the "I Want You" Mixtape and that was some of the most jammin shit i've ever heard. I been sleepin on listening to his music lately, but this joint he did with Blood Orange is cold as fuck. Download the track here


shouts to Nice kicks

These have to be the first pair of Lebrons since the Christmas 8s i really like. A good colorway and very simple at that. I appreciate the less is more type thing. A $250 price tag as well just like the South Beach elites coming out. I hope to see more detailed pictures of these soon. 

Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite
Black/Metallic Gold-Black
April 20, 2012
$250 Promo Event

Tonite you can participate in the promo launch of and get a chance to win some FIRE kicks. This is a beautiful thing. For some people, like myself, we don't have the luxury waiting in line for 3 days, or paying super mega rape prices for some kicks. So this is an amazing alternative to the crazy campouts and vicious resellers. 

 Below are the limited kicks that are available for bidding starting at 7PM EST. They are available in almost all sizes so everyone has a chance to win. Best of all, shoes won on Promo Day are FREE! Just our way of saying thanks for trying us out. It's not too late to have your friends sign-up @ to join the fun!


Tonite is the night. 7PM EST. 4PM PST. 

Air Max 95 Blue/Graphite

shouts to NiceKicks

Im gettin tired man. These damn Air Max joints dropping are gonna kill me. What you would expect for the Air Max 95s as well. You can cop these now at Euro Retailer JD Sports It translates to around $183. Real simple colorway here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Shouts to

Nike SB getting ready in Winter to drop these .A nice suede upper and the mint color has grown on me since i've been waiting for them  Kobe Poison Dart Frogs to release. Thankfully this colorway will drop on a pair of SBs. As soon as I get a date for these, i will let ya'll know. 

A$AP Ant & Bodega Bangs - Told Ya

Notice that Three Six Mafia sample tho. 

Do Not Want.

No. Just no. 
Somebody needs to stop this. 
Is that two tone eye brows tho? 

Monday, March 26, 2012

That Benihana Mustard Sauce

For those not fortunate enuff to fucks with Benny Chop Chop aka My nigga Benito aka Benihana, you need to step your life up in many aspects. I can go on about how them niggas doing the Iron Chef in front of you and make volcanos out of mother fuckin onions(that shit is sorcery) but this is about that Benny Chop Chop Crack aka That Mustard Sauce.

Thanks to the Fat Kid Field Journalist and Taco Bell advocate for the streets, Nicole aka Will rob you for the Dorito Taco aka Based Nicole, she acquired said the Mustard Sauce for me. Now, only serious Fat Kid professionals can do it this way. We buy that bitch by the Pint. Put that shit on steak, lobster, Mc Donald French Fries and dip your Hot Dog on a Stick in that bitch(pause)

Keep the pepto and tums ready because you might not be about this fat kid life. Real Taco.

What? You don't like Mustard Sauce? 
You ain't on shit. 
You ain't real to me son. 

Jordan V Customs by Rudnes Custom Kicks

Props to Paint or Thread

Pretty sick custom done by Rudness Custom Kicks. They took one of my favorate pair of Jordans and took the grape color way, and added black to it. But there is much more than that. You can see that Rudness put alot of care and detail into this by how official it looks. This really does add to the argument that some customs are better than the official stuff Jordan Brand puts out. 

I fucking need these. 

Detailed Lebron 9 Photos.

Propts to ataf

You can see the quality right away. 
Summer 2012
$250 MSRP

Batman Swaggin on hoes in a lambo

Now lets think about this for a second. This dude obviously has money. 
He said, I'm gonna get the Lambo AND a replica Batman Suit
You notice them hoes had the Isley Brothers playing too? 
They were just swagged on so hard
they didn't know wtf to do

Air Yeezy Grammy Sample

Its up on ebay here. $8,000 if you want these Yeezys right here. I don't know. I wouldn't pay 250 for the Yeezys let alone 8 racks. But you can be the judge.

Air Max 1 x Liberty of London Pack

props to SH Germany

I doubt these will ever reach the US but this is a collab Nike did with Liberty of London. Pretty fresh to me. It looks like Victorian wallpaper for the design. I do hope these come to the US but again, I highly doubt it.

Here is the whole pack but the Air Max 1 is what i like most.


Props to

Another Jordan 12 Colorway. Said to be ready for release Summer this year. I feel bad for people's pockets this year with as much that has been coming. Be ready for the official date as soon as I have it.